when Louis Vuitton met Lee Vengwic

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sold like pancakes

sold like pancakes

Good and great day to everyone. It’s the queen  b here. So what’s up with all of you? As for me…the highlight of my day was the Louis Vuitton shopping that I had with Gemma and Lara. I “almost” got tempted. Well, “almost” is not accepted specially in Ochoa’s vocabulary. But the moment I stepped inside the devil’s trap disguised as a boutique….I suddenly got berserk seeing all the fancy dark brown leather bags that has surrounded me in 360 degrees. The two fanatics of course did not leave the shop empty handed. Girls….will always be girls! I am just a half cooked. Who can say “no” to a Vuitton?

G bought herself a pair of golden earings while…ochoa got herself a dark grey Vuitton bag. Luscious and classy items! Of course it was a little bit pocket pinching….but it was indeed exquisite.

What is popular in the present fashion world? GUCCI, VERSACE, CHANEL, yeah, LV (LOUIS VUITTON). How could there be no LOUIS VUITTON in today’s prevalent theme?

Once, LOUIS VUITTON became a legend overnight in the tourism industry with its innovative, elegant and useful bags and ornaments. Today, LOUIS VUITTON is still one of the fashion leaders in creative fields like shoes, watches, jewelry and so on.  With a 150-year long history and advanced craftwork and techniques, LOUIS VUITTON continues to creating brand value. At the same time, guided by a travel philosophy of delicacy, high quality and easeful, it re-appears new vitality by combining original with modern.  The crossing abbreviation letter L and V–the abbreviation of LOUIS VUITTON, stars and pattern Monogram including four petals are all so impressive that a retentive memory can be stimulated. What is more, “LV” has already developed into an impressive fashion symbol and LV is always popular and beloved by those who are self confident, elegant or fashionable.

As a so good brand, LOUIS VUITTON products are always thought to be luxury goods. As to this, we have to say that LOUIS VUITTON products are good but dear because of its high quality. Dear makes us feel happy, comfortable and easeful. After all, we love the dear, right? As we know, life should be tasted slowly and carefully, so does LOUIS VUITTON. As a fashion symbol, it is not difficult to see it because it is so famous and beloved. Why is LOUIS VUITTON so famous?

I guess it is the well-maintained high quality products that they have been producing worldwide an not only that…..it is the overwhelming responses that has been gathered from all it’s famous elite end-users that has truly made name in the fashion industry. |Duhhhh! Who wouldn’t know what an LV is?

Have you ever had any LOUIS VUITTON products?

The bitches just had.

I am opting to have one for myself soon! Out of nowhere I just loved the absolute craze that is heating up the Landmark Spicyyy gals.

Well, anyways…I have to work and slog my butt hard again to purchase a new LV sling bag.


Tomorrow’s gonna be a boastful day for sure….no one should miss it and for sure I won’t.

you just got blogged!

(*winks a thousand times*)



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  1. ruth andam said,

    September 6, 2008 at 11:44 pm

    I am also a proud owner of an LV bag!my mom gave it to me as a present on my 18th birthday.i literally screamed my entire breath when i finally realize that it was really a vuitton. I don’t fancy this type of bags that much….but as u said.who can say “no” to an LV Product?specially if u got it at zero price.

    More power and write more coz i am fond of reading you specially when i am at work!you are hilarious and you just dont even know it.

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