Hate to say this but—UP rocks

…just maybe because I felt that I am an adopted student of the University of the Philippines so I really have to crack this one.

Aside from the fact that I am surrounded by three very close friends from UP…hihi…or whatever it is called. “skolar ng bayan” and all those crap….I am also a frustrated UP student. Hoped and opted to be part of a renowned school was that hard during my time.

So again….UP rocked the UAAP cheerdance competition twice in a row.

You might have watched it live on TV or in Araneta Coliseum, but not all have seen it, so I need to at least tell people what happened, and besides I want to give my opinion about it. Relax….I am not quite reliable source though …because I am from cebu.


WITH the thumping beat and hip hop groove, the University of the Philippines pep squad wowed the audience in their tribal-inspired stunts and routines allowing them to defend their title and becoming the 2008 UAAP Cheerdance Competition champion. I just saw it via YOU TUBE…see it yourself also and decide. But for me, they were amazing. (lars sana kasama ka dun no?)About 20,000 people dressed in yellow, maroon, green, blue, red, white with exhilarating energy rocked the big dome as they cheered for their alma mater with their respective banners. Who has the loudest cheer? you bet……home court advantage!
The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe came in next as the first runner-up, and the FEU Cheering Squad settled in for the second runner-up position…..and many more…just wondering how many have got a flat face back stage.
Whatever….SOURGRAPING is the name of the game sometimes..So books need to close…losers….chill out! The jury has decided and you can’t do anything about it but just eat your nails.
G, L and f….the FORMER UP retards (*winks*)…WITH HEADS UP…so PROUD!
I guess having a Louis Vuitton bag is still better than this one. What do yah think?
Got to go! it’s getting dark. Buh bye.
chers (by cherrie pie picache)



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