spoiler-one tree hill season 6 episode 1

Beep beep beep….Finally…One Tree Hill season 6 episode 1 has finished downloading in my Itunes Library.

Yipee. So I watched it last night. Excited and almost peed on my pants. I have to be the first. The revelations were enormously shocking. I kept my eyes full open and I don’t want to miss any of it.

So here are the minor spills about the season. I am sure Gem and Lars will be so upset if they happen to read this. So if you already reached this line….STOP! You might not like everything that follows.

Carrie, the swine and the biggest bitch of Season 5 remains to be the highest paid bitch in Season 6. She was the one responsible for Dan’s tragic accident and almost dragged him to death. Poor Dan. I therefore conclude that Villains doesn’t always get the last laugh. Let’s wait and see what happens on the succeeding episodes when the bitch becomes bitcher.

Deb got serious with Skills. That was really like milk and coffee in its finest. I didn’t even see that coming.

Nothing much about Haley and Nathan. But expect more since the bitch nanny Carrie is back, in which her primary aim is to get Jamie back in her arms.

Jamie…O God! Where in the world you could find someone like him? He is so adorable and if I really have plans to reproduce? I guess I already have someone whom I can keep an eye to be an example.

Victoria…the 2nd runner up to the Miss Bitch 2008 (following Carrie on the queue) was again making Brooke’s life a “one hell of a joyride”. The Devil wears Prada is the theme of the game while she continuously fights for her right in the “Clothes over Bros” line. Of course, Brooke the sweet girl doesn’t have a choice but fight for what she stands for.

Anyway…enough of the minor surprises. Let us proceed with the cream of the crop.

Who married Lucas?

First I thought it was Brooke. Then the setting followed when Lucas married Peyton and Lindsey also. Gosh. It was really confusing and I was really excited to know who won Lucas’ heart.

The answer is…PEYTON. No doubt about it. It is always been them.

Loved the couple. They are finally back into each others arm once again. Peyton brought Lucas in the same Hotel room where Lucas proposed to her and she declined. She told Lucas that she had this dream that she was given a chance to go back to the same hotel and Lucas asked her again if she want to become Mrs. Scott. And she answered back a zillion times. “YES”.

Finally it wasn’t a dream. The SAWYER + SCOTT tandem is back.

I won’t spill that much as I feel that those were enough. I will not be giving it in detail and you must go figure out the rest.

Lastly, the episode ended when Brooke was moving out the store…alone. Then someone from the door went inside and beat her so badly. Somebody on a black over-all suite and a mask.

Who could that be? Grrrrrr…..Even if Victoria is that bad as we are all expecting. I am sure it wasn’t her idea. Even if she will do anything to get hold of Brooke’s latest designs…I don’t think she will go anything beyond that extent. After all, she is still Brooke’s mother. But who knows? One tree hill has always been a surprise.

Enough is enough. I have to be back working as I am not going to spend the rest of my Ramadan timings here inside a loser’s cabin.

Ciaoo folks…GOSSIP GIRL download is about to follow.

Let’s spill the milk while it is hot.




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