SHAKY Wednesday

Thousands of people have been evacuated from high-rise towers across Dubai after an earthquake tremor hit the UAE today afternoon.

The quake’s epicentre, measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale, was in southern Iran about 316km from Abu Dhabi, but strong tremors were felt in the UAE.

Buildings all along Sheikh Zayed Road were evacuated after the tremor struck at around 3.00pm, with crowds of confused people flooding out into the street.

Similar tremor was experienced in November 2005. Tremor could have been caused by the Zagrous fault that lies between the Eurasian and Arabian plates. The movement in these plates could cause the tremor, sources added.

The tremor was lasted for a few seconds. No casualties or material damage being reported in the incident, said police sources.

What a shaky afternoon. Actually, I just knew that there was an earthquake through my sister who works in the Sheikh Zayed Road Skyline. She said that it wasn’t mild at all.

I guess, the unjust tons of work once again made my mind pretty occupied to the extent that even earthquake can defy.

I am leaving office before another earthquake strikes. I was just wondering what was the scenario in Burj Dubai when the earthquake stroke the city.


buh bye



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