again it’s a weekend

—-I didn’t  go through the post before publishing this so my apologies for words used which might not sound grammatically correct. This was finaliZed in a haste and my editor was snoring. So if you can’t understand the language being discussed here. My apologies, but I guess you better f*ck off.

My wi-connection is kinna off for the nth time. I guess it was because of my torrents which is making my notebook’s life miserable. I restarted and it went back to normal.

I actually wanted to sleep today. I finished a couple of movies while completely lying on my bed. When I was done, I just felt that I wanted to write..write with fierce and conviction.

My mom and my sis are sleeping for an hour already and I am the only one left awake. Val, who has got her new bed was sleeping like an angel while enjoying the new scent of her newly washed blue blanket and pillow. She is a queen. She has to be. After all, being a daughter on the queen would definitely make her one as well.

It was a stressful week and fortunately, it was only today that I was able to go home a little early for the last one week. That’s cool huh?

…earlier in the afternoon when I was driving home, Elle and Gee joined me while I offered to send them home. We were not expecting that outside, while going out, we will be able to see Dee and Pao waiting for the company  transport which will send them to their havens. So what a heck? I invited them in the gang of school kids who are expected by their moms to be at home safe and sound. Then the car became full. Just for your info…I am driving a Yaris. Enough for a small kid like me. Picture it out. We were like sardines. It was all Dee’s fault. He was volup***—–i mean healthy.

Time flies so fast and it is the weekend once again. I just hope that I won’t get unexpected calls on a Friday asking me to f*ck it up once again. My boss is off to Kuwait on Sunday and I hope that it will take time for him to come back.

Gossips of the day—–

*    I just figured out something about somebody which was a complete turn off. EEEEwwww. Never expected it so much since I thought he was “EXECUTIVE” enough to have something like the usual……horrendous smell. I just thought that he was different from the others. It must have something to do with the food I guess. Pungent but ain’t cool.

**   Footsy was on a brown jacket. Holy cow…..on a summer? I cannot even wear shirt nowadays coz the weather was an extreme killer. Whatever? Why do I even have to bother? Secondly, what’s with the new look. The make up and all those bullsh*t. She looked like a trying hard Marilyn Manson! Did she? I guess so….I even think that Marilyn was far off way better than her. Again…whatever. I guess the moon has faced the east side tonight that is why weired things do occur.

***  He called me today and he told me that he misses me. What can I do? So I just responded and said….”O REALLY”…By the way. The other day! We had quickie in the lift. (*winks*) Sometimes unplanned action is even more better than the expected ones. Love it.

****  Let’s talk about quickies. —–(devil’s laugh). Well, well, well, that wasn’t a quickie though. I just want you to know that I am damn proud of you…whoever you are. You finally broke your leg and explored the unlimited horizons of the unseen. You know who you are….and you know you love me.

***** I just discovered something on my new phone and that is the Video call facility which enable us users to see our callers LIVE. Me and Gee just tried it and when I called her later in the evening…she just showed me somebody. Somebody so familiar and somebody who happens to be in my present list of desires. (*winks) enough of the lustful moments. I just have enough of it over a month already. I am becoming like a LIBIDO expert and I won’t consider that as a career.

So much about the revelations. I wanted to spill more but less is better than more. Sometimes….too much of everything is dangerous. I just don’t know from where I am getting this urge to write at 1:00 in the morning.

I guess…that would be it for the day and I will try to write more again tomorrow…or shall I say later.

I’m an finishing my …con’t part on my previous blog about Cyrus and it might be next.

Take care everyone…

love me now, later and tomorrow.

love me forever…