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goddess of beauty

goddess of beauty

The queen has spoken.

Ok, so we have not heared of Diana Mendoza after she was crowned as the new Miss Universe of year 2008. So to all of you who are seeking what is up with her lately…please go through Dayana’s Blog courtesy of Enjoy reading and let us all share our thoughts for the beautiful girl who has inspired thousands of beautiful individuals.

Indonesia (posted August 25, 2008 )

On Monday I went to the amazing temple Bodo Budur which is the 7th wonder of the world and the biggest temple ever!!! It was incredible to be in a place with so much history and so much culture. After that I went to the Yamaha event where I took pictures (foto, foto, foto, foto) with all the people there and I saw the new motorcycle only for women, very nice and comfortable. I flew back to Yakarta on Tuesday, I went shopping at Musika Ratu and it was very, very fun!!! After having my time with beauty products I did a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Indonesia and then I went shopping again!!! At the Plaza Indonesia Mall, a very nice and beautiful mall where all the people from all over the world go to shop, what a great day!!!! Wednesday we went to Palenbang where I got to see more of the Indonesian culture, how they make the fabrics, and the different kinds of batiks, which are the typical shirts from Indonesia. While I was having dinner at the river just in front of the big bridge of Palenbang I enjoyed a fashion show with all the traditional clothes, and music, with dance and very good food. Back in Yakarta, I went to Indosat, an Indonesian cell phone network, and learned a little bit about how a cellular network works nationally and internationally too, taking care of costumers happiness and comfort. Then I had a girls meeting with the Minister for Women Empowerment Ibu Meutia Hatta where we had a very nice talk about how important is to show to women all over the world how to keep united and help each other to be educated and protect each other from human trafficking and domestic violence, it was truly and honor for me to share that time with such a successful woman. I learned from her how they are working to fight against violence. Being Miss Universe gives me the chance to talk about this and help empower women all over the world.

Posted by Dayana

Going to Indonesia (posted August 15, 2008 )

I was excited the whole weekend thinking about going to Indonesia and that it was going to be my first trip as Miss Universe, so I prepared everything Monday and Tuesday to have a wonderful time in Indonesia. I arrived in Indonesia on Wednesday, and the first thing I did was a fitting. I tried many Indonesian dresses which I was going to wear during my week here. I am so happy to have the opportunity to meet the people in Indonesia, their food, their culture, and I am very honored I could wear their typical costumes for the most important events. After my fitting I had a wonderful massage in a beautiful spa as a very nice welcome where every body was so warm and kind. On Friday I had a press conference where I could thank every one that have made this trip come true, Ibu Mooryati, Mustika Ratu for making me look so pretty every day, especially Ibu Rossi who did my hair every morning, and Miss Indonesia (Putri Indonesia) for making me feel like home, giving me such a warm welcome. I got to meet the contestants for Putri Indonesia (Miss Indonesia) before the pageant and they were all very beautiful, then I got to see them on stage and they looked even more pretty, they are all winners, they all did an amazing job. I look forward to seeing the new Miss Indonesia at Miss Universe pageant next year so we can share our life experiences.

Posted by Dayana

Busy Schedule (posted August 11, 2008 )

This week I had a wonderful time with the guys (and gals) at the Gay’s Men’s Health Crisis building, where I served food during lunch time and dinner on Friday, they are so much fun!!!!!! I loved being there, they are always smiling, every time so happy, they all are so nice to me that I feel like if a knew them already from some where else, I look forward to going again :)!!! I had some interviews for many Latin countries and Asian countries this week. I’m taking English classes. I did shopping in Roberto Cavalli’s store and I have A LOT of fun! I had the great chance to go to the movie premiere “Holly” with Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire and Petra Nemcova. It was about the reality of children trafficking and how hard it is to control such a situation around the world, this movie was produced by Guy Jacobson and Adi Ezroni, who risked their life and overcame death threats to produce one of the best researched narrative films on child sex tourism, with the intention of raising global awareness, to highlight efforts of the international community and to encourage foreign governments to take effective actions to counter all forms of trafficking in persons. It was very hard and impressive to watch the reality of some children that unfortunately weren’t so lucky, and ended living this scary and horrible experience…and once we all get to realize it, we all can to something about it, and help our children without caring about their nationality or religion…

Posted by Dayana

Being Miss Universe! (posted August 5, 2008 )

Since I won, I haven’t truly realized what is happening, everything had been going so fast, the day after I won I did my first photo shoot as Miss Universe and I still couldn’t believe it! I have moved to NY (my new home for a year) and my first weekend here I started to enjoy being Miss Universe getting my nails done and hair thanks to Farouk. From Monday, July 21st to Monday the 28th I was dedicated to doing a big tour for the media, going to amazing TV shows, radio stations, and having in between phone calls interviews as well. I also had the opportunity to be in the red carpet supporting the Latin Film Festival and met Daddy Yankee for the premiere of his new movie. I started learning about my charitable alliances for the year and HIV/AIDS with the Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA) and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC). I will to get to talk to people all over the world about the awareness of HIV and AIDS, which it was really interesting to know how many countries have this issue, and how difficult its for some people to talk about this or even take the HIV test. I just have a couple of weeks as Miss Universe and I’m already having a lot of fun! I’m sharing the apartment with Miss Teen USA Hilary Cruz who is a very nice girl, and funny too, she makes me laugh hahaha, and Miss USA Crystle Stewart who arrived last Sunday!!! We got to share our moments from the Miss Universe pageant and how wonderful it was to have this life opportunity :). I’m so happy I get to share all this experiences with them, now we are a new family, living in NY City, our new home….Thanks to all of you that made it possible for me to live these wonderful days I’m living now.

Posted by Dayana

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