give me a break

My head is literally giving me a headache. I guess i need a check up. It must have been my eyes. I cannot even drive properly. But that won’t stop me from watching my favorite series.

Gossip girl and One Tree Hill. They are indeed vitamins. They made me alive. My work sucks and it serves as a battery and the battery has to be class A.

Q’s death really broke my heart into its tiniest pieces. Sorry Gee. I am sure you can’t relate to what I am writing about and it’s not my f*cking fault. (*winks*) I know for you, books are better than Ipods. So go on…bookworm.

It was the saddest episode that I have seen in the history of Warner brother series. As expected, rain poured. Where? obviously not in Dubai but in my eyes. Poor Jamie, his world must have broken down. Devastated. The cape that he has prepared will now be useless as Q can never be seen forever. Those heartless theft has finally ended his dreams where he has really aimed for. One gun shot…..One broken dream.

He has read “Les Miserables” book. Nobody knows that. Poor high lighter……it cannot drain its ink for it is over. The scene were Nate, Haley, Lucas and Skills visited Q’s place before the funeral. They met his mom who was deeply saddened about the tragedy that hit their family. His baby boy is gone.

Surprisingly, his mom knows all four of them. Even though it wasn’t the best time and situation for all of them to meet, they felt like they all met long way back. Q’s description about the four of them has really melted their hearts.

———–Let us move on to gossip girl.

From a heartwarming episode that I had with One Tree Hill, gossip girl was exactly the opposite.

Nate,  I don’t know what is with him. This guy claims that he is just repaying the duchess as his debt of gratitude, but this guys seems to be enjoying every inch of it. “Hooter”.

Poor Vanessa. She has to give up her love for Nate to protect him from the devil’s plot of exposing where Nate’s father is hiding.

Crap. Give me a hand. Let us all clap our hands. We underestimated this plastic blonde. She has a brain after all. I thought that her boobs are bigger than her brain. 

Blaire….the sex addict. Pardon my words, but this gal obviously misses something. Something to fill her in. Something that our friend gee had in common. Therefore I conclude that you are lying. Wahahahahhaha ——-> peace Gee. Chuck took advantage of it and made way to a plan that almost succeeded. Blaire will always be blaire. She can always go out from a hole. Even if the hole is tight. As tight as my a**.

Jenny Humphrey has indeed won Eleonor’s heart. “you are fired” was definitely the last words that you expect from the most prestigious designer in the upper east side. Specially if you are working with her. Thanks for the black out. It has changed everything, including Eleonor’s mind. Her mood swing as well.

Dan and Serena, the “so unique” elevator scene made me bored….to death. The only thing that made me enjoyed that scene was Dan sweating. Sweating like a melting felt. Firing hot!

…..nothing much exciting about it except from the Gossip Girl being so classy and beautiful at all times. WHo say’s invisibility can never be sexy. You are wrong.

The Hell….I have to go back to my life sucking job.

Can’t wait for the next episodes to come.

Got to go. It’s ifthar time.


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