Cool. Exciting. Lovely. Beautiful. Great. Sexy. Exotic. Fun. Laughs and more laughs.

It’s another mind boggling and nose bleeding event at the Central Perk. “Where friends meet”.

But before I start with the good ones. Of course we should never fail to acknowledge the daily ambituous lines of dear darling ms. balabal con pashmina.com.

“”how do we ever keep this secret? how do we keep it in the dark? and if we dare to chase our weakness, how do we tear ourselves apart?” alam ko, im the understanding one right? :)”


Answer: Stop the crap and eliminate the front act. As I have said, no matter how many times you deceive us, still you cannot change the fact that you are just making it all up. Unmask yourself and show us the real creepy monster face that you have.


Ok! Enough of that. Well. I am sorry to spoil your appetite avid readers. This happens and we just need to spill some the black shade out of it. Colorful isn’t it?


Gossip Gossip: My car smells good today. It was full of love…affection and honesty. Plus…not to mention “full of ants” . Honesty I refer as….true found love….a wrong time and a wrong situation. It may not sound applicable for some but that is just what the eye tells me. The big question is. Where have you been all my life?


Answer? just inside a bubble gum can.


Gossip Gossip: And who was having lunch down???? with someone….not having someone…..got it? Go figure. And you were telling me you are done with her. There we go again. Changing locations….changing strategy. Bluff + deceit + lies…what makes them common is “you”.


Lonely bites: ———->>> Ginena Ruth Albero. My bestfriend. My inspiration. She has been diagnosed having Appendix cancer. Cancer of the appendix is an uncommon disease that is rarely suspected rarely before surgery. Although several case series of these tumors have been published, little research has been anchored in population-based data on cancer of the appendix.

I am personally praying that everything will turn out well and she will survive the treatment. Go go go girl. I don’t want to see you bedridden ok? that’s a promise alright?



—–the main event


Casting: The bee, Elle, F, Gee, Mina, Len, Mama Rosette (or mama rosuah in french) + the new recruit..anne! hathaway? no! its curtis…..


Weakest point: A Father and child’s picture

Memorable line: Posh

The easiest but the most difficult word when a perv describes it: come

Most “hyped” word: tie

Most memorable sketch: A cage with 2 people having sex inside. Note: the other one has a tail.

Best Object: Weighing scale

The most common dead cell: nails

Markers for the taboo card colors: the sofas

the land from down under: australia

best drawn: pencil lead


The trophy for outstanding cheater award goes to: Effieeee.

I follow next.

And the price…a trip to heaven later. Courtesy of Elle airlines.


……talk about exotic….GEE! arrrrrrhhhhh!!! got it? then you just played the “speechless taboo”


thanks guys. you just made my weekend class A.


TILL NEXT TIME. I hope next time means….effie as an opponent!