buh bye October….Hello November!

Few hours from now and we will all be saying goodbye to October and say Hi to November. The next thing you know, it will be Christmas.

Happy Halloween….And for those of you who want a Trick or Treat….then you came into the right place. I hope mean mina can also share with us what happened in the Halloween Moulin Rouge party she had with her mates at 308.  

11 days from now and I will be celebrating my 25th Buff day. 25 years of a roller coaster ride. My Studies, my family, all of the heartaches, boys…and boys…my job, my career. Looking back on all of those was never simple.  I am expecting countless gifts soon….and make sure that it is not a f*ckin dildo coz I have got tons of that. But I don’t have the moving one though…..maybe that can be a good option.

———-> She’s Leaving on a Jet plane!

Let us all bid a temporary farewell to Mama Rosette as she is heading back home for a month of fun and vacation. I envy this bitch….I don’t even know when is my turn. Gurl, just make sure that you will have fun…with no limits. Take it to the fullest. Break a leg for us who can’t! We all love you. We will be missing you and your board game for quite some time.


I am accompanying somebody for an interview tomorrow. A close pal. Luckily he got some offer in BurjDubai. I hope he can make it. As much as I wanted to move on with my career…He might as well get the same thing. I hope he will be as lucky as others do.

Fingers crossed.

—————-Gossip Girl mania!

Don’t you love Jenny Humphrey’s new look? The extra ordinary blonde look has truly made her SHINE like a princess. I really adore the way she carries those glamorous outfits. I was just shocked about her new love interest…but I didn’t know that they even have their own chemistry…not until I saw it yesterday. And who’s the lucky guy? Well, it the so called “big brother” Nate Archibald. Hot….Perfect Pair yet more to show us. Let us just see how bad this can lead to. One thing am sure of….Dan won’t like the setting.

Spotted: Meet Erin. The artist of the Humphrey galley. He is so cute. Of course, being cute for Serena won’t be such a good idea for Mr. Dan himself. He was an ex-husband when Serena had a camp on a High school summer. Though the wedding was just for fun….I can smell something else. Add the fact that Serena looked so disappointed as made faces when she saw some lady riding on Erin’s bike. Make up your mind Serena. It is going to be a battle to win the queen’s heart.  Wait wait wait. Have you noticed something? Does he look familiar?

OOOOOOOh….He looks like hottie Allen. Elle was right. Mean Mina? Have your say? don’t you agree?

Wait for more to come. Let us wait for the voice behind the future revelations. We all know we love her. XoXo.

—————-One Tree Hill Trauma

One Tree Hill is starting to become boring. I guess they are starting to be out-shined by the Gossip Girl Series. But I understand…they shine their way out for the last years and they never failed to win everybody’s heart.

Who’s Julian? That is basically everybody’s question. Is he going to be a bad man in the picture? Peyton freaked out when he saw him during a meet in the much awaited “Ravens” movie launch. I guess he is some “past bad experience” when she was working in L.A. right after she turned down Lucas’ wedding proposal.

Well, what do you expect? One Tree Hill has always been a “big” Cliffhanger ever since. I am just so thrilled to see what is he up to. He does look like Lucas. 😉 Let’s wait for Episode 9 to come.

———-It’s a Saturday Once Again.

What are your plans bitches? A day more and we are all screwed with work…AGAIN…in Capslock. 

All of you…enjoy the rest of the weekend as it is almost over.

Get your feet off and start making yourself busy.


Catch my lips again soon.



ID card deadline brought forward

Brought to you by: THE National Paper / Published on October 21. 2008 11:31PM UAE / GMT by Gregor McClenaghan and Salam Hafez

DUBAI. Half a million Emiratis and expatriate professionals have only two months to obtain a national ID card or they will lose access to health care and other government-related services, the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) disclosed yesterday.

The card will contain face and fingerprint scans and personal information, including passport and driving licence details, address, residency status and qualifications. Registering for it costs Dh100 (US$27) for adults and Dh50 for children.

Between 300,000 and 400,000 expatriate professionals across the UAE, including doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers, are required to register for their biometric identity card by Dec 31 – not within two years, as was previously announced. In another change, all children need an ID card, not just those above 15.

There are also 200,000 Emiratis, out of about 835,000, who have yet to register for the programme and must do so by Dec 31. From Jan 1 onward, any Emirati citizen or expatriate deemed to have a “white-collar” profession by the EIDA who does not have a card will be denied access to any business involving a government department. That means they will be unable to visit a doctor, register a mobile phone, open a bank account, enrol their child in school or buy or rent property.

Professional Emiratis began registering for the cards in January with their deadline to obtain one passing months ago. If they are not registered by Jan 1, they will face fines of up to Dh1,000. Expatriates will not face fines until 2010.

Expatriates have also been signing up for the cards for months now. But news that they only had two months – not two years – to obtain one came as a shock to some, who wondered why they were not given more notice.

“The concept is good, but that is an incredibly short amount of time to get people to register,” said Christopher Frost, an oil and gas technician from Australia.

“I had only heard this will be done in the future and was not expecting it to be so soon. And how are they going to issue identification cards to those who work on oil rigs and other off-shore facilities?”

Salama Taha, a school teacher and mother of five who is originally from Palestine, was worried about the cost of registering her family, and said she had thought the scheme only applied to Emiratis.

“I believe they have good reasons for implementing this, but where do I go and register?” she asked.

“If the deadline is January, it is too short notice to get my five children registered when I have to worry about work, schooling and holidays.”

The deadline was brought forward so that any problems with the system could be ironed out before the massive task of registering the estimated three million people designated as “blue collar” gets under way next year, said Thamer Rashed al Qasemi, the planning director of the project at EIDA.

Other than giving examples of professions that have been classified as white collar, Mr Qasemi could not explain how the categories have been defined. And although it has taken eight months to process more than 600,000 Emiratis and a small number of expatriates, he insisted the 28 EIDA centres were equipped to process half a million people in the next 10 weeks.

“Looking at the numbers that we have registered and our capabilities, we are able to register the categories we have called upon now,” he said. “In order for the ID card to be active and services activated, you need to have a good number of people registered. We are capable of handling this amount of people.”

—–This is somehow useful. I am about to get mine…so start applying yours too.

Visit this link for more information on what are its benefit http://www.dubai.ae/en.portal?topic,Article_000576,1,&_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=home

the way we were!

The truth shall prevail and we will know who is who!



I wanted to make a poll on who do you think is the fairest of the five but polldaddy.com is screwed up and I guess they were not able to settle their dues before closing an account with wordpress. (*winks*). Anyways….No need for polls as the images speaks for itself.

Who do you think is the fairest? Do i need to give you an answer…???? it’s a no brainer.

But to be fair with the rest…let’s still ask the majority’s opinion.

It’s just so much fun.

Have a great weekend everyone.




Wasssshuppp wasssshhup.

Welcome to the Hotel Cali-furnia.

My header is a little bit biased since there will be a limited amount of people who can actually figure out what this would mean. But in case you know….please let me know.

It is me again. Lee. The in demand fag from the the upper east side. Well, before, It was just in my dreams…not until now…and I felt that it is just starting to come true. I aced my exams in the morning and I was informed that I did it with flying colors. Gosssshh!!!! I guess….it’s in the blood. Who would not know that I was raised and born with a colorful environment. Mark my word…..it’s more than green!

As they always say, we need to start somewhere and before anything else let me put this straight and remind you that I am not related to Chun Lee, Jet Lee or Bruce Lee….neither to Mother LeeLee Monteverde or Leebron James. Though……I play basketball sometimes…More dribbles and less shots. 😉

Much as I wanted to have a chinese blood, unfortunately, my mom decided to go and flirt with the Vietnamese ones…SO I ended up like this. A premature creation “small-eyed” fellow from the Bengwic clan. I told my mom once that I have to say sorry in advance for I believe that our family name will end because of me. Just imagine how it sucks. Bengwic….and its end. Forget about the prophecy of me having twins by 28. It is crap. So scrap it out

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mama Rosette for paying my bill yesterday when we had dinner at Bongeourno….I hope i spelled it right…though it was not really spelled correctly. Thanks Mama…Muah Muah Muahh..you are the best….first class! I owe you one. Please do tell me regarding your final call concerning my offer. Think about it and tell me once you come back from your vacation. Another thing, I love your switzi key-holder…poor gee..I hope she knew that the concept was a switzi flag…

It was a lovely dinner. The food was great. First time always means good time.

Spoiler : Ann…this goes out for you, Gee took one egg from your “lugaw” yesterday. It was supposed to be my plan….but she executed it. Hahaha…. Explain gee…I know they will understand…the food can’t wait for them…so we did her a favor.. (*winks*) Yummy…right gee?

Spoiler: Dubai Mall’s so called opening date tomorrow got screwed up and decided to open on 4th of November. How cool is that? FOr me it was a pathetic decision. I wasted my time preparing all my shops to open…and they blew it off. Grrrr….forget it…it is a waste of time explaining. What do you expect? Emaar Properties and its “efficient” team. Please hit the right marks next time.

Spoiler: Emilia “NINI” Jacinto has again made a remark with her fake accent saying…”Im nahhh deh”. Go figure what language was that. As far as I know it was supposed to be in “English” and she meant “I’m Not there”. As expected…that scene was like a ginger to Gee’s ears..Spicy and irritating

Spoiler: Oliver of Kurt Geiger is HOT. Period. I don’t want Sabrina to think that I am a flirt. (the truth still remains a secret)

Spoiler: Faaazzzlia got exposed to too much of sunlight as he roam around with me in Dubai Mall this afternoon. Fortunately, nothing much changed. (*winks*)..So I am a what? A Racist? But is that supposed to be for people who criticises Racers? Corny!!! Muahhh!

Ey guys, have you started applying for your national ID? I started mine the other day. Better start yours as well…I heard there are penalties for those who can’t apply before the year ends. I hope your company PRO’s is not as irresponsible as ours.

**************BITCH TALKS*************

So….Bitch talk guys….I have a lot of things to tell.

I am getting thousands of death threats for the last 2 days concerning my blog about defining humor. Wait…..did I just dropped mine? I’ll just pick it up and position it back. Give me two seconds.

Ok it’s there now. Let me have a deep sigh…Do I owe somebody and apology? If I do…I am sorry. It was just a blazing opinion that originated from pure thoughts. Let us just face the fact, I was right about it….and that’s where the commotion is coming from.

Reality bites.

Again, my apologies to those who felt that it was too harsh and unjust. Endpoint: He still remains humorless.

Regarding the poll. My last check was at a count of 1-101…It was a “dalmatian” figure. Whoever voted for “yes” was indeed a best friend. I’ll vow down for you. Please SMS me when do you want it .(*winks*). Let’s do it the Moroccan way.

All of you…please pray Hard, life is short.

I forgot to tell you guys that whoever votes for a “yes” gets to claim a prize, so please contact me for further info. My toll free number is 1-800-LOOSER. I am starting to accept calls 24/7.

——– >>> Question: Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?

Let us go to the brighter side of the page. My hits are just becoming more and more and I would like to thank you guys for that. Now aiming for a TIME Magazine column is not quite far from reality. More hits to come…more freaky stuffs to tell. More revelations to crack and I’ll make it juicier than ever. Always remember that you can hide from everyone…anyone…someone…but you can’t hide from my 4 -meter sting..But once you are “in”…..you are “it”…….awyt?

———>>> closing remarks

I am just dying to tell something…But I am still composing words to explain it since the subjects are essential and the topic is mild sensitive. But I will post it in due time. Soon! Check it out….again…I won’t name names…but I’ll try to be as obvious as possible.

Elle and Effie….we miss you guys. Please come back soon before my buff day.. I just realized that the world without Elle is so boring…..I mean it…

eY elle…I changed my mind. I told you to bring me a kangaroo…please add 2 ostriches please coz’ I think that they can be a good playmates for Valerie.

So guys….go get a sleep and I will do the same. I have to feed my bitch…Bitchy Valerie. She is starting to scratch my legs again…I’ll catch you guys again soon.

Buh bye.

Love me more than ever.

Lot’s of love here…


It just so happened…

Gosh….mean mina…..you’re so

really…you’re so

promise me you’re so


Don’t worry mean mins….it has nothing to do with you. It’s just the hottest “it” word in the upper east side….just for us…the members of the elite society.

It just so happened…that my indecent acts were exposed through the great captures of mean mina herself.

Bad publicity is still publicity. Wahahaha! 😉 Good Lord…I look hot in my pictures…harrr harrr… though in some, I looked like a flower………

A flower pot…a big one. (*winks*)

Anyways guys…I just want you to share the laugh that I had when I was haunted by my own reflections.

Check this out..great snaps behind great smiles. Big ones.

The official maria romina photo captures http://ohpicturesmypictures.shutterfly.com/

It is tatooed on my links as well.

Have fun…enjoy and grab a pop corn while watching…because you bet…it is one hell of a collection. And don’t forget….please do spot Sabrina! 😉

Now when you are done….tell me who has got a better marketing strategy? Splash or yours truly? No need for a poll…coz u know the answer.

bye for now….

love me more…and more.


define humor

Asta la vesta veves! welcome to my world where there is nothing but cruel criticism and unjust opinions.

I was actually planning to run this post tomorrow, but I guess it wouldn’t be fair to all my readers (now at the count of 5) if I fail to explain what the F*ck just happened on the last days of my sparkling life. Add the fact that elle is in “the land of the down under” as of the moment….having fun in Australia…with again the rarest chance of having sex!

Peace gurl. We just want you to know that we are missing you so badly…and my small portal over here would absolutely become your gateway in your absence to the limelight and the wannabe members of the upper east side. Just don’t forget my kangaroo when you come back. I am just curious if they really have built in pockets in their chest.

—-So let us start the bitch talk.

I should start carrying a notebook tomorrow. A lot of things are just running inside my head and I can’t seem to remember all of them. I tend to write some in the tissue paper, in my palm. Fortunately, I start remembering all of them specially when I start my long drive back home.

Worst that has happened to me this week was my boss’ resignation. Yah. He just did. It was so sad. It makes me sad. I am sure the entire office will feel bad about it. Ask me how do I feel about it. For me, it was tragic. I am in pieces now. I know that I shouldn’t be. I just knew it internally through some reliable source but I am 100% sure that it was something….and I should be worried about it. It’s gonna rock the entire Projects team if it finally comes into realization. But as I have said in my previous post,  If I would have received the same “welcome back scene”, I would have settled for the same decision. Sometimes (in many occasions)…the big bad wolf doesn’t really f*ckin care about what comes from his mouth…he just blows and says whatever he think is right. My boss was right when he said that in this world…there is much more important than money. It was so true. In my case…boys are more important (*winks*) just kiddin..I am just trying to make all of us laugh…because this topic was so sensitive and serious that it almost made my lappy toppy wet out of shed tears.

Mama rossette, gee and the cutie cute cute anne joined me for dinner at fridays in the evening. At least that was something to ease out the shocking revelations that I just got before I stepped out from the dark office. Of course, how can I miss my fave “rib eye”. Shucks…it was really yummy and it was really something that I can’t let go everytime im thanking God it’s friday. But it was weired…isn’t it? We ate on a Thursday night?

Gracias Warner brothers! One tree hill and Gossip girl is back on my 160GB Ipod. How about yours gee? Visited gitex lately? Peace….muahhh? I finished the last 2 episodes and was bed ridden for about 4 hours spending time to finish both the much talked about series. I just love it. Mentally yummy, I finished the day watching cat-fights….nudity…baskteball games…kissing scenes…combined into TWO.

I walked Val out for a couple of minutes after watching. Doing it on the night is absolutely better than spending my time sweating in the sunny morning. At least the night breeze was far off way better than the morning ones. I am just wondering why I AM not wearing my sweats shirts yet…It was supposed to be the “ber” months…but if “ber” means hell…then forget the hell crap out of it. I want to die young…safe and sound…I don’t want to die via skin cancer. That would be so “grrrowsss” during my funeral.

Are we still talking sensible things here?

I bet I am. I maybe dull and boring sometimes….but I finally appreciated all of that when I finally met ……….. @%R@#&J^%

So it is at least good to talk about somebody besides…gee…mean mina and elle!

So let’s make a small poll.

My answer would be???? jan jaraaaa raaaaannn!!!! You decide!

Of course, how can I close the day without even discussing the big encounter with the so called Mr. Baldy. Let me drink my coconut juice first before I even start with this brain freezing conversation.

Brain Freeeeezzzzz                    HELP!

He indeed made my brain froze for a couple of minutes with his unbelievable sight…indescribable feeling….soaring tumbling….free wheeling endless diamond sky humorous comments. Does it sound so “Alladin”? Well it is. Coz it was full of air. As high as a knike air shoe can jump.

Goshy….I am sorry gee but I know he is one of your friend….but remember…I am too! hihihi…and I know you love me better than him. Sometimes…it is good to be cruel….but just do it in a fashionable way!

Gee….those who criticize jobs are jobbist…those who criticize physical appearance are facist…those who criticize height are heightist….Me and mean mina just find his legs too small in proportionate to his body…then what am I?…a leggist? Wohoooooo!!! All of you, please thank me. NEW WORDS to ponder on. Remember, it is all copyrighted…with a “C”.

Mean mina and myself was invited by gee to spend a day in the beach with Mama rosette, Trina, yummy reagan…and r.j. (with a period)

VENUE: Ajman Beach Hotel….AGAIN!

The place was cool…while the ambiance was freezing hot. Everyone was cool except for him. You go figure whom I am referring to. I won’t name names! But i’ll try to be as obvious as possible.

If the subject happens to read this, then I will make sure that you will feel that it was you that I am referring to. hahaha. (*devils laugh*). Someday you will thank me, nobody missed the spotlight and if the bee is talking about you…then it means you belong to the “IT” society. It means you are something. Something worth talking about.

How could someone be so less humored. I thought it was something which has emerged during 60’s.  Everything doesn’t really fall into its place. If it was a basketball, I consider all his shots as a “miss”. Duh! …and finally I met him personally. Bwahahahahaa! I just had a closure on some of my conclusions .

He was such a character. A character. A character. A cartoon character was too defined…it was worst than that! (*winks*)

No further thing to describe him coz’ after all he is a friend of a close friend. And I respect her so much. But 4% of criticism won’t hurt that much…so let me do it slowly.

Gee…you are blessed with such variety of friends. Without him in the picture……I can imagine, how boring it could be, plus we will have less topic to talk about. Hahahahah.

Lastly, can someone explain me who Sabrina is? Is she the teenage witch? Which is which? Help, curiosity might kill me shortly.

——–Taboo! Part 3

It’s a good thing that Taboo was there to rescue! Again, it was more than an Ice breaker. Fun…not until some freaky whale ruined our game. Gee almost bursted, but as usual she remained calm and classy. Anger with fierce. Boys……boys…..that’s dirty.

But it was ok. To kill the whale would be a waste of time. I’ll rather spend cutting my nails that attend on those jumbos.

I wish I would have carried Valerie with me. But I can’t be a full mom if I do so. If I’ll plan to take her, I’ll make sure that she will enjoy every moment of it.

We finished the day and Mean mina joined me for a ride home. As expected, we talked, gossiped, shared so much. I just love this gurl. She is simply amazing. Define amazing? It’s more that its real meaning. She just continue to amaze me while knowing her more and more.

—–bevERLY HILLS cHihuahua at Mall of the Emirates

Sheek! I slept after I had a stressful but fun beach day with the gurls and the boys! I woke up at around 7:45pm. Then I suddenly thought of watching a movie. “Berverly Hills Chihuahua”. Something I wanted to see in behalf of my lovie dovie…Valerie. It was hilarious and I was educated about the entire history of her ancestors. The aztecs. I love it. It was fabulous. Go see it yourself. There was never a dull moment…..from the beggining to its end. I’ll give the movie 10 out of 10 stars.

—-NOw at 11:00 am.

I am leaving for Dubai Mall visit with my soon to be “ex-project manager”. I just have a feeling that it is not a good day today. I’ll tell you if my premonitions was right.

Life is short. Pray hard. Pray harder. 😉

Bedazzled…..stay kool!




Please miss me for days!

I am updating my offline blog.

HIHIHI>>>>>>..be thrilled. Be excited. Next will be absolutely revealing. Unfortunately….it’s a Beverly Hills Chihuahua day today with Val…and I can’t miss it for something else!

One thing for sure…the next topic will be “humorous”

Wahahhahhaha.. (devil’s laugh)

see u when i see you!

bi now gay later

I was like Magellan today….except…the difference was..He circumnavigated the whole world and proven that the world was round…while I circumnavigated Dubai just to prove that I was a total looser! Ehem…loser..Sorry. But it is ok…finishing everything early was a bonus for me, but it was really tiring and the “great” thing about it was I did not have anything in my stomach. It was traffic and it was again a painful sunshine who gave me a big hello.

———–25, flirty and thriving. I wish this is my now! I won’t make it clear..but go and figure it out yourself. Less publicity….less questions!

I do see beautiful days with him.

That’s what I feel now and that feeling has always been the same since the first time I ever had the chance to be with him. I was just never sure about it.

His page in my book is something I never expected to be written at all. Or shall I say…..again. I never asked for the feeling. I never asked for him, but in the most unexpected dance of life, this unexpected person has made the sweetest twist in my vocabulary.

As most of us experience, a mere glance to someone may lead to an attraction and that attraction may lead to a feeling which more often, leads to a different echelon of feelings.

White Chocolates. (thanks gee)



Three words that started the beautiful days I had, I have, and will have with him.

Who would think that from a single chocolate date everything will blossom into a different emotion that neither the two of us see it coming? Indeed both of us knew it was not right as it was all in a haste to conclude something as of the moment and it’s not just a relationship but a serious, long-term relationship. But the fact was surefire that we do enjoy each other’s company. It felt new. It was really something that I just let in within a click of a finger. Every time we have a conversation, each of us has always something to say—the most important thing I wished to have in a relationship which I have realized I have been missing for the past years of my life being with another person I thought was right for me.

As the rhythm of my heart’s beat for him changed, the moment I noticed it, I wanted to end it. It’s no good. But I guess my heart has a mind of its own. I knew it’s going nowhere but I still insisted to give it a try because it is what my heart truly desires.

I never felt so spontaneous in my life than those precious though few moments with him. Who would think that in that short a time, I would fall again? Good thing he didn’t know or did he?

I don’t know.

All I know is that my feelings at that time even up to this time while typing the words are intense and getting more intense.

He left. I was left behind with so many questions running in my head. My life has never been the same since the first and last kiss we had. Everything has been thought through and there is only one answer, He is the one I want to share my whole life with….In a gay’s life…we also wanted somebody to be with. Though 50% of chances are the only thing which I am holding, I was still certain about it.

I only want for just another moment. I will let him go. I only want just one mere moment to see and be with him again.

It has been my life’s longing from then on. Dreaming of him and building castles in the air just to fill up the emptiness I feel deep inside my heart has never been easy. I know, I am hurting someone who loves me because of this but I must admit, this time, my heart wants to get better of me and the truth of a matter is, I let it.

I knew it, he just wanted to stop keeping in touch with me but I am such an intractable person that I still opted to let my feeling show although it is vivid enough that he doesn’t want to anymore. I do understand. But I told myself, I will only live once in this world and there is only one chance for me to meet the person I knew was born to love me and for me to love, if I will let this chance pass, my life will be in misery forever. I knew it from the start, from the very moment our lips touch that he is the one for me….why should I let go? I won’t. I will, only when I he tells me so.


I didn’t really look ahead but my journey’s route has changed. I went to another country because I wanted to find myself. There is no room for understanding among the familiarity of the place I call home and the people I call my family. I just want to find myself.In this city, I never thought finding myself is actually finding him again. Who would have thought that I will ever keep in touch with him again? Well, I honestly didn’t really stop the communication but it was not as breathtaking as it was before and I have almost given up. It’s a bit uncanny in the sense that at the very moment when I have made my mind up, he was there.




From that moment on, everything has been clear to me. I never stopped loving him and I still want to love him if given the chance. It was really dumbfounding moment when one day, after I just shared to him my “fave song” I finally heard from him the word I so long to hear ever since. It’s not that I didn’t feel from his actions and words that the feeling is mutual but for me, it is just awe-inspiring to hear the word of love from the person you truly love.

Loving each other from a distance is just not easy. Sometimes, the longing is throbbing deep inside the deepest core of my heart but I don’t want to let this moment pass without being able to see him again, more so, be with him again. I have never loved anyone as much as I love him. I know I’m not supposed to tell him that I do love him much because of the dreading thought of being hurt again; but honestly, I don’t care.

I love him. I love him. I love him.

If being hurt means to love him every day, I want to be hurt forever.

I can’t wait to see him again. There’s just so much to say that words can no longer contain.

He is the one for me, the one I have been waiting for.

He is the last piece to complete my puzzle.

Beautiful days.

I do feel beautiful days are yet to come and I can see forever when I look into his eyes. In this world, certainty may be a word too hard to define but I know, I am very much certain that I can see heaven in his eyes. I want to have beautiful days with him. I let go this time….it’s because I will LET GOD—he knows best how to take care of the “How” in my life.

Words are inadequate.

Forever is whimsical.

I am only certain of my now……

And it is my present. He is the present. He is the gift.

I do love him.


with all the best of luck. Wish me all of that. Coz I guess I will need it badly.


ciao oman

Today is my last day in the beautiful place of Oman. My flight is at 8:00 in the evening and i still have a couple of hours to spend while waiting for my check out.

Yesterday’s site was closed. We were all busy finalizing our shop when suddenly the Mall’s coordinator asked all of the people in the mall to evacuate and leave. For no rhyme or reason they just suddenly informed us. We don’t have a choice but to actually leave. Works for me. I wasn’t able to sleep the day before so I guess this would be my chance. I don’t know, I was just not so comfortable the other day. I ended up staring at the view outside and see the gigantic beauty of Muscat.

I heard rumors that the mall will no longer open. On what basis, only they know. I hope it wasn’t true. Both our shops are in the verge of opening while the other was completely done. How cool was that? Everything will go in a waste now. They badly need to sort out their internal stuff quickly otherwise, we are all screwed.

Enough of the work issues. I had an enormous evening last night. I met somebody from the Mall…..a bird with the same feather. So we flocked together. I invited him in my hotel room and we went to the pub which is just in the 8th floor. We drank and we went wild. What do you expect? At least 2 days of my stay here would be worth remembering. Lalie, the fag whom I met told me everything about Oman. As compared to Dubai…I can say that it was far off way better. Talk about accomodation…when I found out here…it made me think how much the Dubai residents are wasting just to get a 1×1 meter space to sleep. It may not be as cool as Dubai as far as the infrastractures are concerned, but believe me, there is a lot to see here. More than words can ever describe. Mountains…..”less traffic”..hospitable Omani locals. They were just different.

Hot Gossip: I met Lester in the mall once again. Remember lester? the Mr. Poink look alike? Ring a bell? I wasn’t aware that he is tasked to work in QCC as well. He works for Promod as a merchandiser. I know what you are thinking. So please stop. He is not. Trust me. I can know better. Well, gee….don’t you think he is something? If you are interested about his number, please feel free to get it from me. It was my pleasure to take it in your behalf. He is leaving Oman in the evening as well. As far as I know, Air Arabia has got 2 flights only. I guess we will be flying together again. It’s going to be a tail wagging evening for me again.

—I had a big Banana split in the morning when I finished pubbing out with Lalie at 2:00 am. It was stressful but fun. I promised him that I will be contacting him as soon as I come back to Muscat and we will rock the place once again. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet the entire gang that he was telling. He described that all of them were drag. If I happen to see all of them, it will just let me miss the days. The days were I was also like them. Gone are the days.

I have a scheduled meet at the territory office by 9:00 am, so that means bye for now and I will try to see you all again later. For the mean time while I am waiting for the car to pick me up, let me finish watching “Never been kissed” and go hopeless again.

Ciao Oman. It has been a great weekend here.

Looking forward to see your beauty again. SOON!

love me more.


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