Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak everyone! To the filipino-muslim community here in Dubai, we wish you all the best in celebrating the feast of Eid. May the greatness of Allah be with all you always.

—I guess the celebration was not that fun. I believe as I have overheard some cat-fight going on between my co-bitches. It was not actually a cat fight considering that they both had their paws cut down…so I bet it was not as bloody as what we are all thinking.

It was just a petty argument that led into bad vibes. Enough of it…I am sure that they will find time to fix things up and just think that it was just one of the so called “bad” days. Admit it girls, we cannot be as colorful as butterflies without any black spots on it. Sometimes…we need to show everyone that we are still human beings….We all get fed up…and we all have our tantrums. So it is our obligation to deal with it and do something so that it won’t happen again. Ok? Peace…Make Love and not war!

Even I have it sometimes….well I guess all the time. Specially now…I am alone…My boss is having fun on a holiday while I am left screwed up in the office suffocated by the smell of the papers that are filed up in my table.

As they always say….when you feel that your job sucks…think about the people who are working so so hard…literally hard and slog their butts out just to earn a little. And here I am, fortunate enough to be in a semi-prestigious job, but still grumbles like anything.

I love my job…I really do. It is just the stress that has been bugging me so much lately. I guess my boss was right. I should get a training on how to deal with stress and how to become more time efficient. Sad to say..I lack more of that.

Guys…I am sleepy. I am sorry but I have to take off early. I promise that I will be filling your thought more when I come back. By the way….Gossip Girl 5th episode is on. Go grab your copies and I will do the same. I am excited to see the other side of Serena. Will she would become a better bitch or Blaire would remain the best? Let us find out….

More of these soon!!!! I love you all.



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