this goes for me and not for you

Break time. Yipeey!

—-and when it’s break time. It means blog time.

Here some things which I want all of you to ponder on. Comfort me as I feel lonely for the past few days.

This goes out for me and not for anyone else.

If I don’t love him anymore then why am I crying all the time? My pillows are wet and I don’t know what will be the best cure for it. If only Doctors can identify.

This goes out for me and I mean that. This is not for someone else.

I think it hurts. It finally ended. Or it didn’t.

Like that one guy said, ‘Know thy self.’ I think you’re lying to yourself which is similar to having allergies. Things like break-ups take time. Until then enjoy some ice cream, chocolates and party.

Loneliness….or the fact that you were used to him…or you can’t be without your baby…call him! You think I should do that? There would be no harm If I do!

Felt attached? The departure of someone means there is a feeling of loss of someone significant. It could take some getting used to before you feel like yourself again.You still love him but you’re denying it? Self denial happens all the time when it’s about love.

Solution: you will get over it or get back together.

Figure out which category you’re in first.

Is it the thought of him being with someone else or the Memories that aren’t worth remembering?
Don’t punish yourself for the rest of the year. If you don’t love him anymore then you have made the right choice, stick by it, it will hurt if you keep trying to remember. Just don’t.

Again, that was for me and not for someone else.



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