hardly seen

Well, I was not supposed to write anything today as I have got tons of work to complete in a very limited time. I thought my boss’ absence will be fun. Truth is….it sucks till the tip of my nerves. It’s a good thing that mean mina was able to remind me that it’s been quite a while since the last time I wrote something. (*winks*)

Reality check: I guess everyone is missing me so badly.

Reality check: Likewise here.

Ok! So I can smell tears right now. I can sense the loneliness and I can hear the ache that has finally woke up from a deep sleep.

If I can only reach farther and you will tell me everything. But I would understand and give you your privacy. Sometimes, we all need space and a place alone. I just hope that in due time, you will be able to figure out something and sort out things that can make you smile once again….appreciate how beautiful life once again.

Why do I have a feeling that I’m about to vanish. How and when…only God knows. I had a fight with my mom the other day…and that was one of the saddest and weakest encounters that I ever had. I didn’t mean to start it. Everything just came out of nowhere. We had a wonderful day….I was shocked and disgraced that it has ended up badly and we all phased our moods into a different direction. But thank God it is settled now…as I cannot stand any minute if she won’t talk to me.

If in any case I’ll die tonight, I want you to know that I love you all and it has been a great life and I won’t regret every moment of it.

I need to leave office as the Glass gate downstairs is about to close at 9 pm.

Love me more.



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