mean mina on WED night…flirty overnight on a THU

Hello Philippines and hello world. It is me again. The irritating fag from Cebu but originally raised in Bulacan.

So how are you guys? How is everybody? It has been a while since I was again found in the limelight. Well, that is not what matters so much….I am here now and I have got stories….and more stories to tell. It is even more thicker than the book which footsy holds all the time.

Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill is scrapped out from the torrent downloads. I know it is irritating. Some Kill Joy asses must have screwed something. I hope there is another way to get that thing back.

The extreme heat in Dubai is still kicking ass. I can’t wait for the winter to come and I am expecting that it will not just pass by like a breeze.


Cut: I am sorry. I was disturbed by what I was watching on T.V. I was watching something kinky. HIHIHI! Some jail scene. All men. Newbie prisoners. Got it?


Going back. Oman here I come. I’m gonna rock muscat hopefully this Wednesday. I have been there before. But I am excited to be back and I am telling you….it will be bloody fun.

Last Wednesday evening, I had a delightful dinner with the great mean Mina. We had a 3 hour drive from office to meet someone in Jumeirah. We…and I specifically didn’t even noticed it considering that we both had never ending stories. New topics has continuously made us occupied. We had our dinner at Chin Chin fronting the Capitol Hotel in Bur Dubai. As usual the food was superb. I was hoping Mina would love it. And she did. A little bit of spice but unexplainably delicious.

We decided to light some cigarette and pull over after being full. We stopped over falcon gallery. It was closed since it was 9pm already. They had some white Christmas tree in the display. Then I suddenly missed Christmas. With all the hectic and busy schedule that I had over the week, I didn’t even realized that it is just 76 days left before Christmas. And you know what Christmas means here in Dubai. Do you remember Grinch? Just something like close to that or the alike.

It was a class “A” night with the mean Mina. Mina didn’t ran out of stories again when we started driving back while I decided to send her home. It was all about his uncle Leo Martinez. Who wouldn’t know him? Over the bakod? ring a bell?

She gave me some revealing facts about the guy who made us laugh and till now never fails to do the same. The great Leo “ala-eh” Martinez.

Yah..yah! I forgot to tell you that I have a circle of celebrity friends.

Thanks for the wonderful night mean MIna. Stay cool and classic.

—————–fast forward

Thursday night….Flirty night. I am free as a bird. And of course, I won’t miss the rarest chance of spending the night with the sultry bitches once again. And the casting? The usuals…

Mean Mina, cuty Allen, sexy Lara, yummy efthree, towering gee, mama mia rosette and of course, yours truly!

Venue: The Velasco couple’s haven.

OOOOOOlala! Nice and Lovely.

Of course. Same script…same cast….Same……………BOARD GAMES! Pictionary..the game of the frustrated artists. But I must say that the game favored our dear Elle as she has improved her skectching skills….a lot. Kudos to Ochoa. Efthree as usual….just like me, the silent cheater. Wahahah. But it was fun. We had a couple of drinks while playing, so just imagine how crazy it was. Tipsy and bitchy. It was more than you can think of.

Fine…..from the old time sake board games…to Playstation. Loves it. These games are the ones which are not found in our mountains. This is what you call “classy games”. Only in the upper east side! 🙂

I can’t accept defeat. But defeat has finally met me. I didn’t do good in the Playstation games. I guess I should have stuck with the board games only. I would have prevailed and remained as the queenest b! Hail…the new queen…her majesty Mean Mina.

I was the slave. 😦


A pinch of “A very special love” made us conclude the night. MAma mia rosette fell asleep. (zzzzzzzzzzz) She saw the movie already. So what’s the big deal.? Gee must have been so disappointed that we weren’t able to finish the movie. The lady who can best relate it. I am a 100% sure that she must have finished it at home. Hihihi. Silent water runs deep! Grrrr!!!! as popularized by the foot herself.

———sleepy b!

What is more exciting? I have a scheduled interview with one of the world’s elite brand. Guess what? It is just Louis Vuitton being run by the Chalhoub Group. Nothing great. Nothing much to panic. Let us just cross our fingers and I hope I can get in.

This puts more excitement in my plans to put some red mark in my career.

Well, everyone! so much for that. I bid farewell. I am tired. I haven’t slept since yesterday.

It’s going to be an addicting day for me tomorrow. What is new?


Loving you more,




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  1. Mean Mina said,

    October 12, 2008 at 8:42 am

    shake, rattle and roll!

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