So how do you like my new widget? It is better off this way as I have to hide my identity due to thousands of fan mails and death threats that I am receiving lately. 🙂 The snap was me before…after 10 car accidents…here i am now!

This is becoming popular day by day. Gosh!…..gone are the days of the posh thingy as we have got a new “it” word at hand. Gosh! Very upper east side, isn’t it?

Few things:

my car lost its Air Conditioner…Gosh! It was tough heat in the morning. I almost died out of suffocation. Imagine travelling 10 kilometers under a 47 degree heat. What have I done to deserve this?

i went home early today. Gosh! Made some couple of applications for my australian outback. Slept for a while. Answered some hideous emails. Had a chat with ungrateful friends (just kiddin), killing time, waiting for my car service schedule basically. It is just a couple of hours from now.

who let the dogs out?

who let the dogs out?

Gosh! Beverly Hills Chihuahua is now open in the big screens. My cute little dog val is excited to see the movie. She decided to wait for the release of the “I-pod” version. Her co-breeds are very cute. Adorable.

See the trailer through and click the link below.

http://www.apple.com/trailers/disney/beverlyhillschihuahua/  …

chill and and laugh out loud. Gosh!

my friends, Gosh! my former co-college officials (randell and ces) are coming over to join me in Shoemart. Kool! Can’t wait for the unfortunate new recruits! new victims! (*winks*)

my birthday is on its way. Gosh! I am 25…and I can’t stop it. But it’s ok. As what the great gee said, we all don’t have to worry about our age. We all grow up every year. Every year is a complete set of learning procedure. New experiences…new challenges. Nov. 11 is the date! wrinkles…wrinkless…panic attack!

my LV interview got postponed. Gosh! it is reset on Monday as I am bound to leave for Oman this Thursday and sort some f*ckin issues…as usual…about work. I will make sure that I will at least conquer every corner of oman. Hell yes! I have to. Hell yes…I will be!

Gosh! O my Gosh!

So…guys…I hope all of you are having a good time wherever you are right now…be it in work…be it at home!

Gosh! so i’ll better stop crapping out. Gosh!

Before anything else…..forget about everything.,,,but eating.

Fainting and fatigue can be eliminated if your stomach is full. – a friendly reminder from Yakult….it’s everybody’s milk.

Gosh! What else?

I bid farewell.

I bid love for everyone.


ey! cut! i forgot something…check this out….another bitchy quotes from the foot herself.

I’ve been under stress lately, with the workload in the office, friendly woes, boyfriend issues and bitches coming my way. I do my jogging to clear my head, take time out to be alone and just watch other people. I sit there and stare at them, others jogging, others taking a dip in waters with bath water temperatures, others strolling hand in hand, people, old and new, going around and just plainly enjoying the scene.

Are we the same bitches who strike again? hihihi…or somebody else? Boyfriend issues??????wahaha crap! Next time…..you have to start paying me for exposing your quotes into the so called limelight. Gosh! So Gosh!

Gosh!…I can’t wait for gee’s comment. I am sure she will again waste her time and give us her views. Last time was superb. 😉 bitchly comment but a fantastic one! Again…silent water runs deep.



  1. gee in the story said,

    October 14, 2008 at 9:22 am

    damn right! ill never pass a chance for a bitchy comment on my favorite topic—-THE FOOT!!! Its really amazing how this “thing” can make life sooo irritating! just the mare mention of her name gives me the “icky” feeling. But, to show that i am a good person (not at all bitching the PANGET around) i wanted to do so many good things for her:

    1)send her to the mental hospital for her treatment (to trash out her belief that she is actually cute)
    2) give her a facial (or rather foot spa) and
    3) send her back to the philiippines (ill personally buy her ticket, bussiness class-emirates airlines-katabi pa ng piloto) to save the entire pinoy community in Dubai more humilitiation for having a “thing” such as her associated to our beloved country!

    yun lang! wala nang iba pa!

  2. Mean Mina said,

    October 15, 2008 at 8:05 am

    That’s one BIG FOOT up your Asssssss!

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