Brazil……..lalalalalala la la….lalalala la la…Brazil…

You are not being misled. We are not in the Janeiro festival guys. I was just trapped by that song which has been running into my head until now.

Gee and Elle can’t accept the fact that I can sing a better “lalalala” than both of them.

This was the cream of the crop in my IPod when we were driving back home from our drastic…..exhausting….sweat dropping….but fantabulous store visit in Abu Dhabi last Wednesday.

It was a usual sunny day. We all looked fabuluous or shall I say classicaly gorgoeus. Me on jeans. Elee on her LV…and gee on her pretentious sleeveless outfit that she consciously covered a few kilometers before we reached Abu Dhabi. I picked them up at 8am and we drove all the way to Abu Dhabi while we stopped somewhere to have some breakfast.

We miss the great mean mina’s company and decided to back off as she changed her mind in joining us. Dear shanny will be back the day after I guess…and she did.

To sum it all up…we all had our subjects attended..except for some white lies that gee keeps on convincing us that she did for my benefit. Add up the mild ambush which elle gave gee…concerning her good traits….

Elle..if you happen to read this. My answer would be plain and simple. You don’t have good traits…coz you got the best. Though sometimes….gee was right…you whine more than any person can whine in a day. In that case, I guess you are holding the current record.

———————DAY AFTER!

I am out of Dubai right now. I am in the beautiful city of Muscat. My work has extended its path and it has brought me to one of the places I love….OMAN. As I have said earlier. I have been here before and I don’t mind coming back. Seeing such greenery and its rocky mountains won’t even make me think twice. The last time I was here was two years back when I was still with my previous company. But that was another part of Oman specifically in the outskirts of Salalah. I remember, I even got a stalker that time. Just one thing I was sure of…he is residing on the same floor where I am checked in as he knows exactly what I was wearing..what time I go out and come back from outside. Must have been one of the hotel staff. It was indeed a one mini-flirt I had over then as I continuously entertained him over the hotel phone.

I don’t remember the name of the hotel but it was fabulous. The food wasn’t impressive though. As of my visit this year, my new company was very kind to book me in Al Faraj Hotel. Just an approximate 10 minute drive from the airport. The hotel was excellent. The room was classic. Superb and spacious. I immediately removed my clothes and roam around. when I reached my room. It felt so good. I took a shower and after, I started making notes for tomorrow’s meet with the Project Architects who were based in Oman. Admit it, this guys can’t live and finish their work without me. (*winks*) Take it from the mouth of the conceited fag.

—————-rewind. Five hours ago. When I was checking in….I saw this guy who was sitting 4 seats away from me. I ordered some cheese sandwich for I was starved and didn’t have my breakfast and lunch. I wasn’t prepared to leave and I have not completely packed my things in the morning. So when I was about to leave….I crammed. In fact, I almost missed my flight for I had difficulties in finding a cab to Sharjah Airport. Luckily…Gee has got a standby pal…Amjad…who was so courteous to give me a lift without further ado. My angels….indeed my life saver. Otherwise, I would have rebooked and rescheduled everything and stay home eating nails while watching Valerie die out of sleep.

I totally forgot..the topic was about that guy whom I met on my flight to Oman. His name was Lester. I don’t know if it was his real name but I had a glimpse of his passport while he was holding it and I saw that it was really Lester….Lester chuvaness or something…his fingers was in the family name so I wasn’t able to get it completely. The guy was cute. He is planning to have a weekend with his friends in Muscat and will be back on Saturday evening. He was on his back pack and all those stuff. I was staring at him and I can’t keep myself thinking of somebody who looks exactly like him. The face..the hairstyle…not quite the complexion. The eyes…and the built.

I was already in my seat while he was seating 3 notches fronting where I am seating. I was listening to my so organized IPod when I realized that it was…………….Mr. Poink who looks exactly like him. How could I forget these similarities? Gosh! Now I know why my tail was wagging when I was talking to him. I tried to take some pictures…but  I was thinking so hard on how can I acquire it…without him noticing it. Cute….He is so Chuvvvyyyyyylita!

Fact: If I had the chance of getting a snap of that guy. Somebody would have framed it. But I was thinking….to hell with him. I can easily get a snap of the original. A video can even be possible. (*winks*) There is no impossible if it’s coming from the bee’s wide mouth.

—–interruptions: I opened the window in my room and I didn’t even realize that I had a great view of the city. I totally forgot that I was in the 14th floor. And the best thing about it?…I can lit my cigarette inside. How cool was that?

It is time for beauty rest guys…for it is going to be another f*ckin joy ride on site tomorrow. Dirty but fun.

Don’t miss me so much.

My soul will be back soon!

Cheers…love me more!




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