define humor

Asta la vesta veves! welcome to my world where there is nothing but cruel criticism and unjust opinions.

I was actually planning to run this post tomorrow, but I guess it wouldn’t be fair to all my readers (now at the count of 5) if I fail to explain what the F*ck just happened on the last days of my sparkling life. Add the fact that elle is in “the land of the down under” as of the moment….having fun in Australia…with again the rarest chance of having sex!

Peace gurl. We just want you to know that we are missing you so badly…and my small portal over here would absolutely become your gateway in your absence to the limelight and the wannabe members of the upper east side. Just don’t forget my kangaroo when you come back. I am just curious if they really have built in pockets in their chest.

—-So let us start the bitch talk.

I should start carrying a notebook tomorrow. A lot of things are just running inside my head and I can’t seem to remember all of them. I tend to write some in the tissue paper, in my palm. Fortunately, I start remembering all of them specially when I start my long drive back home.

Worst that has happened to me this week was my boss’ resignation. Yah. He just did. It was so sad. It makes me sad. I am sure the entire office will feel bad about it. Ask me how do I feel about it. For me, it was tragic. I am in pieces now. I know that I shouldn’t be. I just knew it internally through some reliable source but I am 100% sure that it was something….and I should be worried about it. It’s gonna rock the entire Projects team if it finally comes into realization. But as I have said in my previous post,  If I would have received the same “welcome back scene”, I would have settled for the same decision. Sometimes (in many occasions)…the big bad wolf doesn’t really f*ckin care about what comes from his mouth…he just blows and says whatever he think is right. My boss was right when he said that in this world…there is much more important than money. It was so true. In my case…boys are more important (*winks*) just kiddin..I am just trying to make all of us laugh…because this topic was so sensitive and serious that it almost made my lappy toppy wet out of shed tears.

Mama rossette, gee and the cutie cute cute anne joined me for dinner at fridays in the evening. At least that was something to ease out the shocking revelations that I just got before I stepped out from the dark office. Of course, how can I miss my fave “rib eye”. Shucks…it was really yummy and it was really something that I can’t let go everytime im thanking God it’s friday. But it was weired…isn’t it? We ate on a Thursday night?

Gracias Warner brothers! One tree hill and Gossip girl is back on my 160GB Ipod. How about yours gee? Visited gitex lately? Peace….muahhh? I finished the last 2 episodes and was bed ridden for about 4 hours spending time to finish both the much talked about series. I just love it. Mentally yummy, I finished the day watching cat-fights….nudity…baskteball games…kissing scenes…combined into TWO.

I walked Val out for a couple of minutes after watching. Doing it on the night is absolutely better than spending my time sweating in the sunny morning. At least the night breeze was far off way better than the morning ones. I am just wondering why I AM not wearing my sweats shirts yet…It was supposed to be the “ber” months…but if “ber” means hell…then forget the hell crap out of it. I want to die young…safe and sound…I don’t want to die via skin cancer. That would be so “grrrowsss” during my funeral.

Are we still talking sensible things here?

I bet I am. I maybe dull and boring sometimes….but I finally appreciated all of that when I finally met ……….. @%R@#&J^%

So it is at least good to talk about somebody besides…gee…mean mina and elle!

So let’s make a small poll.

My answer would be???? jan jaraaaa raaaaannn!!!! You decide!

Of course, how can I close the day without even discussing the big encounter with the so called Mr. Baldy. Let me drink my coconut juice first before I even start with this brain freezing conversation.

Brain Freeeeezzzzz                    HELP!

He indeed made my brain froze for a couple of minutes with his unbelievable sight…indescribable feeling….soaring tumbling….free wheeling endless diamond sky humorous comments. Does it sound so “Alladin”? Well it is. Coz it was full of air. As high as a knike air shoe can jump.

Goshy….I am sorry gee but I know he is one of your friend….but remember…I am too! hihihi…and I know you love me better than him. Sometimes…it is good to be cruel….but just do it in a fashionable way!

Gee….those who criticize jobs are jobbist…those who criticize physical appearance are facist…those who criticize height are heightist….Me and mean mina just find his legs too small in proportionate to his body…then what am I?…a leggist? Wohoooooo!!! All of you, please thank me. NEW WORDS to ponder on. Remember, it is all copyrighted…with a “C”.

Mean mina and myself was invited by gee to spend a day in the beach with Mama rosette, Trina, yummy reagan…and r.j. (with a period)

VENUE: Ajman Beach Hotel….AGAIN!

The place was cool…while the ambiance was freezing hot. Everyone was cool except for him. You go figure whom I am referring to. I won’t name names! But i’ll try to be as obvious as possible.

If the subject happens to read this, then I will make sure that you will feel that it was you that I am referring to. hahaha. (*devils laugh*). Someday you will thank me, nobody missed the spotlight and if the bee is talking about you…then it means you belong to the “IT” society. It means you are something. Something worth talking about.

How could someone be so less humored. I thought it was something which has emerged during 60’s.  Everything doesn’t really fall into its place. If it was a basketball, I consider all his shots as a “miss”. Duh! …and finally I met him personally. Bwahahahahaa! I just had a closure on some of my conclusions .

He was such a character. A character. A character. A cartoon character was too defined…it was worst than that! (*winks*)

No further thing to describe him coz’ after all he is a friend of a close friend. And I respect her so much. But 4% of criticism won’t hurt that much…so let me do it slowly.

Gee…you are blessed with such variety of friends. Without him in the picture……I can imagine, how boring it could be, plus we will have less topic to talk about. Hahahahah.

Lastly, can someone explain me who Sabrina is? Is she the teenage witch? Which is which? Help, curiosity might kill me shortly.

——–Taboo! Part 3

It’s a good thing that Taboo was there to rescue! Again, it was more than an Ice breaker. Fun…not until some freaky whale ruined our game. Gee almost bursted, but as usual she remained calm and classy. Anger with fierce. Boys……boys…..that’s dirty.

But it was ok. To kill the whale would be a waste of time. I’ll rather spend cutting my nails that attend on those jumbos.

I wish I would have carried Valerie with me. But I can’t be a full mom if I do so. If I’ll plan to take her, I’ll make sure that she will enjoy every moment of it.

We finished the day and Mean mina joined me for a ride home. As expected, we talked, gossiped, shared so much. I just love this gurl. She is simply amazing. Define amazing? It’s more that its real meaning. She just continue to amaze me while knowing her more and more.

—–bevERLY HILLS cHihuahua at Mall of the Emirates

Sheek! I slept after I had a stressful but fun beach day with the gurls and the boys! I woke up at around 7:45pm. Then I suddenly thought of watching a movie. “Berverly Hills Chihuahua”. Something I wanted to see in behalf of my lovie dovie…Valerie. It was hilarious and I was educated about the entire history of her ancestors. The aztecs. I love it. It was fabulous. Go see it yourself. There was never a dull moment…..from the beggining to its end. I’ll give the movie 10 out of 10 stars.

—-NOw at 11:00 am.

I am leaving for Dubai Mall visit with my soon to be “ex-project manager”. I just have a feeling that it is not a good day today. I’ll tell you if my premonitions was right.

Life is short. Pray hard. Pray harder. 😉

Bedazzled…..stay kool!





  1. Lee said,

    October 25, 2008 at 11:00 am

    the poll is just risin’ 😉

  2. Mean Mina said,

    October 25, 2008 at 1:27 pm

    Sabrina… the teenage ITCH!!!!! hahaha!

  3. gee in the story said,

    October 27, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    i want to kamot, then! wahaha

  4. Rosette said,

    October 29, 2008 at 10:39 am

    I know who voted YES! And it’s not ME!

  5. Mean Mina said,

    October 29, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    Lagot Bee!, someone voted “yes”….
    o-oh! ur in trouble! ahahaha!

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