It just so happened…

Gosh….mean mina…’re so

really…you’re so

promise me you’re so


Don’t worry mean mins….it has nothing to do with you. It’s just the hottest “it” word in the upper east side….just for us…the members of the elite society.

It just so happened…that my indecent acts were exposed through the great captures of mean mina herself.

Bad publicity is still publicity. Wahahaha! 😉 Good Lord…I look hot in my pictures…harrr harrr… though in some, I looked like a flower………

A flower pot…a big one. (*winks*)

Anyways guys…I just want you to share the laugh that I had when I was haunted by my own reflections.

Check this out..great snaps behind great smiles. Big ones.

The official maria romina photo captures

It is tatooed on my links as well.

Have fun…enjoy and grab a pop corn while watching…because you bet…it is one hell of a collection. And don’t forget….please do spot Sabrina! 😉

Now when you are done….tell me who has got a better marketing strategy? Splash or yours truly? No need for a poll…coz u know the answer.

bye for now….

love me more…and more.



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