buh bye October….Hello November!

Few hours from now and we will all be saying goodbye to October and say Hi to November. The next thing you know, it will be Christmas.

Happy Halloween….And for those of you who want a Trick or Treat….then you came into the right place. I hope mean mina can also share with us what happened in the Halloween Moulin Rouge party she had with her mates at 308.  

11 days from now and I will be celebrating my 25th Buff day. 25 years of a roller coaster ride. My Studies, my family, all of the heartaches, boys…and boys…my job, my career. Looking back on all of those was never simple.  I am expecting countless gifts soon….and make sure that it is not a f*ckin dildo coz I have got tons of that. But I don’t have the moving one though…..maybe that can be a good option.

———-> She’s Leaving on a Jet plane!

Let us all bid a temporary farewell to Mama Rosette as she is heading back home for a month of fun and vacation. I envy this bitch….I don’t even know when is my turn. Gurl, just make sure that you will have fun…with no limits. Take it to the fullest. Break a leg for us who can’t! We all love you. We will be missing you and your board game for quite some time.


I am accompanying somebody for an interview tomorrow. A close pal. Luckily he got some offer in BurjDubai. I hope he can make it. As much as I wanted to move on with my career…He might as well get the same thing. I hope he will be as lucky as others do.

Fingers crossed.

—————-Gossip Girl mania!

Don’t you love Jenny Humphrey’s new look? The extra ordinary blonde look has truly made her SHINE like a princess. I really adore the way she carries those glamorous outfits. I was just shocked about her new love interest…but I didn’t know that they even have their own chemistry…not until I saw it yesterday. And who’s the lucky guy? Well, it the so called “big brother” Nate Archibald. Hot….Perfect Pair yet more to show us. Let us just see how bad this can lead to. One thing am sure of….Dan won’t like the setting.

Spotted: Meet Erin. The artist of the Humphrey galley. He is so cute. Of course, being cute for Serena won’t be such a good idea for Mr. Dan himself. He was an ex-husband when Serena had a camp on a High school summer. Though the wedding was just for fun….I can smell something else. Add the fact that Serena looked so disappointed as made faces when she saw some lady riding on Erin’s bike. Make up your mind Serena. It is going to be a battle to win the queen’s heart.  Wait wait wait. Have you noticed something? Does he look familiar?

OOOOOOOh….He looks like hottie Allen. Elle was right. Mean Mina? Have your say? don’t you agree?

Wait for more to come. Let us wait for the voice behind the future revelations. We all know we love her. XoXo.

—————-One Tree Hill Trauma

One Tree Hill is starting to become boring. I guess they are starting to be out-shined by the Gossip Girl Series. But I understand…they shine their way out for the last years and they never failed to win everybody’s heart.

Who’s Julian? That is basically everybody’s question. Is he going to be a bad man in the picture? Peyton freaked out when he saw him during a meet in the much awaited “Ravens” movie launch. I guess he is some “past bad experience” when she was working in L.A. right after she turned down Lucas’ wedding proposal.

Well, what do you expect? One Tree Hill has always been a “big” Cliffhanger ever since. I am just so thrilled to see what is he up to. He does look like Lucas. 😉 Let’s wait for Episode 9 to come.

———-It’s a Saturday Once Again.

What are your plans bitches? A day more and we are all screwed with work…AGAIN…in Capslock. 

All of you…enjoy the rest of the weekend as it is almost over.

Get your feet off and start making yourself busy.


Catch my lips again soon.




  1. ces said,

    November 5, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    hahahaha…I never thought you are a very good columnist..ehhehe..you must have showed it to our fellow cebuanos on our very own Abante Tonight…hehheh..But seriously, I do appreciate your composition. I never thought it was you who wrote it. Why did we not applied it to our Thesis back then?

    God gave us our relatives; thank God we can choose
    our friends.Thanks beng…

  2. Lee said,

    November 6, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    Gosh…Ladies and Gentlemen…I have got Ces here…
    She will be joining me at work soon….
    Believe me…this gal is great….
    and…her hipssss???? believe me…I keep on telling her that I wanted those…

    Ey…I never applied this on our thesis…because our thesis was so good that if I apply it…its going to be overdone! right? (*winks*)

    Nice to hear from you ces dear. I’m looking forward to see you soon..and welcome you to Dubai.

    I never thought I have you on my reader’s list..

    Stay Cool…Love you!

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