7 days of darkness

Elowww Sunshine! Eloow world.


It is me again. Maybe a lot of you are wondering where I have been. Well, it has been a stressful week for me. Time flies so fast and once again it is the weekend. For me, it was indeed “Seven Days of Darkness”. It was a period of ups…and more of downs.


Dubai Mall has finally opened and I had the first opportunity in exploring its gigantic periphery. It was actually over-hyped since there was nothing fancy there except for the aquarium and the ice rink which didn’t amaze me that much. I am sure that it is 120% better than what we have back home. The Ocean Park for example.


I saw the same ice skating rink in SM Cebu. Though it was not quite big as what they built here…there was not much of a difference. Believe me. The Fashion Avenue was the best. See it for yourself why!


I am excited to see the next episodes of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. It is going to be another sizzling hot revelations for sure. Basically, I wanted to see how Erin (the allen look alike) would ruin the Serena-Dan tandem. I can foresee what is going to happen and I am certain that it would be so “posh”.


I had a tough time in office the whole week. It was stressful. It was exhausting. My head was aching and as much as I wanted to avoid panadol tablets….in this case..I bloody needed it.


I resigned from my current work right now. I am under negotiations with my previous company and it is so sad that I have to undergo the entire drama scene and hold my ass back. Let us just see where this would lead to.


A “better” opportunity is always a “good” opportunity. With the demand of architects as of the moment, you really need to be practical and think about yourself and your future perspective. In my case, the younger…the better. I guess, in this society, especially if you are working in Dubai, a lot of people think that you can’t be better than them because you are younger. Totally untrue. For those who always believe in this perception….my advice: GET LOST!


I guess I did well in explaining myself to my boss yesterday. It was like a scene in the “apprentice”. The moment wherein you are just waiting for the final call saying that “YOU’RE FIRED”. I guess I am just too beautiful and aced everything out. What I loved about this office is that the political issues are extremely rising. There are no “do’s and don’ts”. And I myself don’t give a f*ck about it. At the end of the day, all I am aiming for is to complete my job in time…with less time…and less hassle. It’s a good thing that my “true” friends are there to support me in all ways and means.


—-I was talking so much about work issues….let us shift the gear and take a full turn.


Our dear Elle will be back on Saturday. We missed her so much and I can’t wait for the “bitch list” to complete once again. I hope she is carrying my kangaroo and ostrich. I would be very much willing to pay the extra baggage fee.


Let us all look forward for her red carpet arrival….coming from the land from down undah!


—-the poll…Who will emerge as the winner?


The search is still on for the queenly bitch of all time. What is at stake? Our dignity. So sit down, relax and make as many clicks as possible. Let the people decide and let the whole world know who is who?


Trust me! CHEATING would never be entertained here. Clean slate.


I can smell the bacon? how about you…co-bitches?  I will be expecting millions of response from all parts of the universe. I’ll bet we can gain more than the electoral votes that Barack got when he won his presidency.


I can’t wait for the results. 24 days to go. Anything can happen! Who knows? Nini might win the match!


Please be informed that voting is closed on weekends! (*winks*)


just for the laughs!


Muchas grrrratiaaas!





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