Originality is the best policy!

Hey peeps! Wazzup. It’s b here.

My blog got an outstanding 2,200 hits yesterday. Something which I use to get over a week. It was phenomenal. I would like to thank everyone who are all participating in the much talked about poll. It is so unfortunate for others…that I am still on the TOP!…(*winks*) Lovely.

I slept over my notebook and forgot to turn it off before I slept yesterday. Thank God it is still working. I have prepared a couple of artworks which my friend is going to use for one of his articles back home. So I have to work on it overnight.

Prior to that, I had a blissful dinner with gee at noodle house in burjuman. Gee that was another awesome suggestion…

More prior to that was a jaw sagging game I had with Mean Mina and gee while we were driving back to Dubai. That was indeed hilarious. It was really an unforgettable laugh trip.

Thank you Mr. Lu…for giving us the ipod copy of FRIENDS season 1-10. Chill-out everyone….220 episodes…in a handy 149 gram gadget. I just got it in place.


I was in Sharjah City Center in the morning for an early coffee meeting with my boss. I went to the washroom and in the basement floor, something just caught my attention. Something which looks so familiar. So I immediately grabbed my phone and took some pictures of it. Nobody can escape the 4-meter sting remember?


originality is the best policy

it’s a capital OMG and it is from Pierre Cardin.

Tsk…tsk…tsk….Bad Cheetah.

Can someone think of something unique……extra-ordinary…..and O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L!

Well, I guess it is pretty difficult for someone to do so!



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