Happy buff day b………

Good morning and good morning bitches…

Flash News: I am still top of the “bitch poll”….Few days are left and we will surely have it on the papers…THIS HAS TO BE OFFICIAL. Mean Mina….you got yourself a close competitor and it is me. I gave you a day to taste how does it feel to be in top….and now I am taking it back….hahahahahha!!!! 😉

I slept late yesterday as I watched the coronation night of Miss Earth 2008. I ended up sleeping with a smile on my face as our official bet landed up as the emerging winner bagging home the bacon.

Damn. Another year had passed and once again…another ounce of my age has piled up making me a year older. One great revelation that I wanted to spill is that today, I am officially 26 years old.

I guess that explains why I am often asked by the question f or f? The fact is …I loved being 25….I really do. And it hates me so much to remember that I am saying goodbye from being a lustrous 25….to an oldie 26 fag. How uncool is that? But as they say…the more you grow old…the stronger you become….

But I am just thankful about everything that happened to me over the the past 1 year. I met new friends. I settled with a good company. Blessed with such “stressful” yet challenging job. So many things…and in that, I am giving my self a “two-thumbs up” for somehow doing a great job. Add the fact that I remained beautiful, sexy and eloquent..(I’m talking about the inner ones).

i just got a call from the mighty meaty “gee”…who had a teary eye in the afternoon for the reason that she and I only knows. I guess you can somehow figure out why. She phoned me asking about what I want for my b- day…I keep on telling her a speaker for my laptop would be a very good present. (how straight was that?)…Well, my explanation is…I will definitely care so much about the speaker coz know that somebody slog her butt out in order to buy one for me. Its worth will be x-tra something! Get it?

Will I get a kiss from somebody today? I literally asked one from somebody and I don’t mind getting it if he was serious when I was telling him about it yesterday. Let us see. I guess a french kiss is fair enough and will give me due justice on one of my birthday grievances. Be in the loop…and find out if it is going to be a successful one.

I sat late in the office yesterday…..once again. Something which I have not done for the last 2 weeks. I guess the feeling of departing here is making me feel more relax despite of the fact that my boss is just days away from his final verdict.

——Gossip: Now I know where he will be working.

Clue: If I will be working for Diesel….He will be joining…S*^  & S—….

fOR sure it’s going to be Sunny and Sandy for the next couple of days…

—-Plans for my buff day.

Fact: I am always ill on my birthday. It may not be the exact 11th of November, but days prior to that…I always end up having medications coz my resistance gets f*cked up. Poor me.

I am planning to at least have a SEX–y day. Literally. Let me just find the right penguin…and who knowsssss…It could be…

I am hoping that Morocan bath is open today. I need to be cleansed on this special day. Deeply cleansed.


She is acting weird in the morning. Maybe she remembers that today is my birthday and she is having a hard time selecting what she will have for me as a present. I hope she doesn’t give me a bone….I hope she will be more trained to familiarize the Dildos instead.

—-My friends..

I miss some of my close friends who is now starting to move out of my circle. Tomorrow is a big day for me and I am hopeful that anyone of them will try to remember…(exclude those who are dead please).

—-Marice Gonzales

I wish she is here. I miss her so much. And I know…that even if she is gone…she will never fail to greet me in any form. I miss you bitch…I guess you are not so happy there…coz I am not there..I just miss you..and it makes me feel so sad that you aren’t here. 😦 Kiss God for me…..I am always wondering what life could have been if you were alive. I failed to see that.

——My parents.

They are just there for me and I know that. It is nice to have a good back up. A supportive and loving one.

——My new friends.

The real bitches…..the real thing. No matter how mean we are sometimes…I can always stand up and say proud that in this world….WE ARE INDEED Something. —-the “IT” ones.

——-For being gay

For being happy and gay……….for being someone that I will never be ashamed of…..for being timely exquisite in other people’s eye…

Thanks for everything…..Thank God…Thank God…Thank God….

I am older……but I am better.

lot’s of love and F*ckin joy




  1. Mean Mina said,

    November 11, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    It’s okay Bee… just wanted to “surprise” you on your birthday! hahaha!
    … consider that a “bitch slap” from me to you…
    … on your birthday!!!!

    Luv yeow Birthday Gurrrrrl!

  2. B said,

    November 11, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    Mare…….career nato…
    nag hire na ako ng 15 data entry
    next week nila matatanggap ang offer letter so next week onwards pinagtatarget ko sila ng 2,000 votes aday….

    wahahhaha…todo na etey…
    Thanks for the greetings….u just make me feel older

    love u too

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