dubai style diary meets PINAY

Looking for the latest in fashion designers, beauty, celebrity style, trends, what to wear and how-to solutions? You stumbled upon the right place

Visit these sites which are just around the corner.

This summer is perhaps been the most ill-weathered and damp for many but for those who have been lucky to catch up with the sun, have been left tanned and battered in fashion crossfires. Fashion has always been a broad description of everything. If you are addicted to hunting fancy yet cool clothes with a modern touch of classic but sophisticated outfits…then these are the best sites for you.

First up,



Maintained and advertised by my proud entrepreneur bitch friend mean mina…the site is indeed catching up so well that she is fully busy packing up and continuously entertaining deliveries. The business has become timely since it has been noticed that several authorities have in the recent past challenged the ideal dress code for public display. We have witnessed as well that everything has evolved from better to best? So what is cool and what is “in” now? (Don’t ask me..) Take it from the experts. I am sure that Dubai Style Diary can help you better.

How can you order?

Just send them a PM or E-mail them at to place an order. They have 3 meet up points- MOE, Al Ghurair and Mercato Dubai, UAE. (Every FRIDAYS) Special Deliveries within Dubai (door to door) may be arranged. (Additional charge) Orders not claimed within 7 days will be re-‘posted’ as available.

The site is well organized and this makes it somewhat easy to navigate.


I will give the site a 9.9. The content is well done, and is very active so the “b” scores well for that. I also like the marketing points where each headline is containing good usage of keywords for the hungry search engines. Navigation is overall not too bad. I love the concept of the site and its definitely one of the things that the readers have enjoyed. This has got an excellent blog for fashion, beauty, or anything celebrity and it covers all niches very well. What amazes me is the site’s well form of navigational standpoint as well as for appearance with its clean design and well-organized template. I enjoyed the style of the content as well as it wasn’t too technical, which some fashion online stores can be. 

Excellent outfits….Excellent models. Too bad, they haven’t opted for me.

Second on top will be



As the name implies….Pinay is a women’s clothing line which is obviously made in the Philippines. Their designs are made in limited sizes and colors which makes their clothes “uncommon” as described by the site’s author. The clothes of Pinay are very versatile and can be worn in almost every occasion at any time of the day. Just add up or change your accessories and voila, A new look!

Duly maintained by my phenomenal pal Elle, I am 120% sure that the launch of this site will become a big hit. Add the fact that I personally designed their logo which makes it more eye catching and mind blowing.pinaywear5-copy

Fashion disaster???….PINAY would surely sort out all your problems concerning that. PINAY is the best source for providing excellent coverage of the latest fashion trend backhome. Check their “kikay” outfits worn by gorgeous models that will surely make you drool like anything.

How can you order?

International orders are also entertained. You can visit the site and learn more about the over-all procedure. You can fill out order forms or contact Melanie at +63918 9115148 and soon will have their personal email address to reach in.

These endearing pages would absolutely give you the best choices that you are looking out for . I’ll give the site a 9.5 since it has not been totally established yet and the site is undergoing the entire procedure in making their online store more fruitful and interesting. Overall however, this blog delivers to either the fashionista or the fashion nerd in every other way that it needs to. Trust me, those dresses were divine.


So guys…gals…and gays…what are you waiting for? Visit these online stores now and get one for yourself. You bet….they sell like pancakes. Both aiming  in keeping modern-day bitches feeling as glam and fashionable as in their best days.

Have a bitchful day everyone.

This has been B…at your service.

LoL here. 😉


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