…that’s what you call Good Service

I am not so sure if this is true or just a hoax. I received an email from mean mina yesterday and I was just surprised about the indecent behavior of these 2 cabin crews. I asked my cousin who works for Emirates Airlines and she has confirmed that it was true.

This is a letter which has come from Mr. Mons Romulo Tantoco, a Philippines star columnist with his complain.

Dear Mr. Paculan,
I would like to inform you an incident involving your flight stewardess MS. LOURDES GABRIZ, 239326 and MICHELLE GABRIZ who created a scandal at the Toni & Guy Salon at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas today.
I was having my regular hair treatment when I started hearing Ms. Gabriz still seated  shouting at the receptionist who was apologizing regarding a haircutter  from the salon – Nelia Cruz who apparently had layered her bangs shorter than what she had instructed her to do. In spite of her loud voice I tried not to get distracted by her. Around 30 minutes had passed still she didn’t stop screaming and berating the salon and the haircutter saying she was at stewardess of Emirates.  Her mother and sister Michelle Gabriz tried to pacify her but the more her voice became louder saying paying is no problem but she is not happy with her hair and that she was a flight stewardess of Emirates and her new haircut will be hard to managed. A lady ( I later found out her name was Merle Victorino, Manager of Unilab)who was seated beside me then requested her to please keep quite because her complaining is bothering everyone in the salon.  Ms Gabriz suddenly vented her anger towards Ms. Victorino and told her that she should mind her own business. Ms. Victorino had patiently explained to her  since she had been complaining for quite sometime for sure the management is already aware of her concerns and that she had said her piece so what more can the salon do? Ms. G abriz started screaming even louder so management decided to lead Ms. Victorino to a private room were she could continue to have her hair done in peace. I thought  Ms. Gabriz would stop but she continued threatening the poor receptionist that she will sue them and said she will now call her lawyers – Atty. Arroyo and Atty. Coronel from Tektite.

She went further and started calling the other client names saying she should get her flat nose fixed. Even if  didn’t know the other client  I felt Ms. Gabriz was too much so I adviced her to settle her complaints quitely with the management. She then shouted and said  referring to me and saying ” Sino yang patay gutom na babaeng yan?” I looked at her and told her to be careful with her words, her sister Michelle Gabriz ( 379997)suddenly stood up and started pointing her finger to me saying I should shut up. I told Michelle she had no right to point her fingers towards anyone.Her mom had advice her daughters to be quite but when she could not control them both she went to me showing her daughters Emirates ID cards and saying her daughters were flight attendants of Emirates . I just followed the staff’s signal to just ignore them. Meanwhile Lourdes Gabriz continued shouting invectives at the staff and that they were all whores .  This made their mother stand up and requested her daughter – Lourdes to keep quite. Maybe this embarrassed Lourdes so she stood up and went towards the room were  Ms. Victorino was. I was afraid she might do the other client harm so  I advise my hair stylist Paul to call the hotel security to avoid any untoward incident. The mother managed to drag her daughter Lourdes out of the salon but you could still hear her screaming in the corridors of the hotel shouting ” you’re all whores, mga puta kayo hindi ko kayo babayaran”.  Meanwhile her sister Michelle stayed and continued with her haircut  but continued staring at me in a negative way every time I would look through the mirror.
I would like to kindly request your office to call the attention of the Gabriz sisters.  Their actions and name dropping of the airline will not be good for your company. I hope you could request them to write a letter of apology most specially to Ms. Nelia Cruz the salons hairdresser. I don’t think Nelia or anyone for that matter deserves to be called whores. I  don’t
think I too deserve to be called “patay gutom” and I don’t think they have the right advice Ms. Victorino to have her nose fixed. I am afraid Gabriz sisters most specially Lourdes might suddenly loose her cool with their passengers while in the airplane and these would not only embarrass Emirates but us Filipinos. I would advise they both go through psychotherapy test and treatment to avoid any untoward incident while they are on board the plane.
Thank you for your time in reading my letter.
Mons Romulo Tantoco
Writer, Philippine Star

If this is true…..what a bitch? How can someone be so conceited about where she works for???? or how much does she earn. Emirates Airlines is not heaven dear.

But as I always say….there is always another side of the story. We can easily say something against somebody. Poor girls if this is not true. But let us hear it out from the persons who are in the actual scene. Maybe they can tell us better.

It has been observed that there are a lot of reports about some attitude problems on some of the Emirates Airline cabin crews. Attitude which are intolerable. Believe me, there are more cases too look after….cases worst than this. I myself have experienced it.

I hope justice prevails and those who are involved will be penalized.

I wanted to post their snaps….but forget it, they will just increase my file storage and if it’s not true it is going to be a shame on them. So let’s spare them some privacy.


Go back to work




  1. baks said,

    November 20, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    “It’s a pity there isn’t a vaccination against stupidity”

  2. lei said,

    November 20, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    drug test pls…..

  3. B said,

    November 21, 2008 at 1:35 am

    It’s getting hot in here 😉

    Well, doors are still open for the truth. I have received a lot of hate comments and I have to filter some of them due to content concerns. Over 12 harsh comments yesterday and 22 crazy anecdotes today. OMG… I wish I can post them…

    Wondering………… (*winks*)

    I am dying to know what really happened!

  4. grly said,

    November 21, 2008 at 11:52 am

    para silang mga langaw na napunta lang sa ibabaw ng kalabaw eh kala mo kung sino na sila kung mag-aasta at manlait ng kapwa pinoy….ano ba yan??????……patingin kayo dr. frankenstein at baka kailangang biyakin ang mga bungo n’yo….bwahahahahaha!!!

  5. ron/richard said,

    November 22, 2008 at 8:58 am

    whatever yaya?they are such a looser……we suggest get some training kase all of their stylist…..

  6. ron/richard said,

    November 22, 2008 at 9:02 am

    he he he tambling kmi jan 4 sure natarantacious na naman ang mga nganga at th……

  7. c'est la vie said,

    November 25, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    what a shame! i think its time for emirates’ top management to know about these things and conduct proper investigation regarding the case! If they are still employed its a huge humiliation on behalf of all pinoy cabin crews!

    that is what you call amygdala attack! Such behaviour was not taught in the training!

    But in some way, i sympathize with lourdes gabriz…we should understand the reason why she takes good care of her bangs…if they cut it shorter, we might see her triple six sign in her forehead and we would easily know where she came from!

    Whether you are rich or poor, nobody has the right to behave in that way! You are just showing how uneducated you are!

    Gabriz sisters – Mahiya naman kayo sa balat nyo! Parang ang gaganda nyo ah!

  8. December 3, 2008 at 3:18 am

    Got this from somewhere and it’s suppose to be from on of the sisters:

    Thank you very much for your concern. It’s just so sad that there are people like this… I just did a Manila flight that day. It was actually my 2nd Manila flight after joining Emirates 7 months ago. My sister Lourdes has been in the company for 6 years as a Cabin crew and never had a record of misbehavior. I’ve joined Emirates in September 2007 as an Admin Staff in our Emirates Clinic. People can ask anybody from the clinic about my records or how I was as a colleague. We went to Toni and Guy Salon in Galleria to have a haircut. My sister didnt like her haircut so she started to complain. The lady who wrote the email was also a customer there who meddled in the situation and blown things out of proportion creating a scene in the salon. We went to Toni and Guy as customers. It was my sister’s right to complain because she too was a paying customer. My mother is 57 years old. I wish that she could just have spared my mother… My mother was too old to do what she has written and besides I didn’t bring my EK ID that day to the salon so how would she do that? I didnt tell the lady to shut up…. Actually I never spoke to her at all. I just told the lady seated “Miss, pls lang tama na po. Tumahimik na po kayo..aalis na lang po ang sister ko”….. I even stayed behind as my mom and sister left the salon. After having a haircut, all the people in the salon we’re nice to me and even apologized for what had happened… So I was really surprised when my Manager called me regarding a complaint against us.

    Anyway, Sir thank for the concern. It’s very much appreciated. I still believe in Karma….Truth will always come out…

  9. December 3, 2008 at 3:19 am

    I read the original post and now this. Didn’t write a reaction to the first posting as I didn’t know what the other side of the story.

    After reading the other side’s post, I think there are several questions whose answers would be good to know:

    1. How’d the fact that both sisters work for Emirates come into the discussion? What’s the value of claiming to be an employee of whichever company when complaining? Was the service so disfigured the look of the Stewardess to warrant her informing everyone of this fact?

    2. What triggered the other customer’s joining in the altercation? What does it take for any of us to join in on a verbal altercation happening before us? I think it would take something extremely long, loud and nasty before I’d try and step in.

  10. Arlyn said,

    December 12, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    try visiting this site, “the not so talented delfin dj montano” blog spot and you’ll get some juicy info bout mons tantoco… Just to even up things…

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