And I am back with a buZZZZZZy day

Don’t you think that Jake Cuenca is ooozzzing hot. Believe me……I almost had wet dreams last night because of my excessive imagination and lustful obsession about this hunk.


Welcome everyone.

The bee is back in the limelight and I can never tell how much I missed all of you. It has been a week since the last time I have updated my blog. I tried to keep some offline write ups and just planned blowing each one of them in one….woooosh!!! voila.

I just got back from a long drive. I visited Sharjah City Center today in order to look after one of my shops which is going on and it is good to know that I am just right on track. In fact….I am ahead of the actual track. Good work! I am damn good……..;-) or am i not?

I would like to thank all my avid reader who’s taking time to read all my thankless write ups. I thought that I can never write again…..EVER. I am so damn occupied for the last few days and hours that haaa don heeeven haaa time to pee. One more and I’ll have kidney complications for sure.

So many things happened. With that….it is engraved with so many smiles. I can tell you through words, but it is really a lot to tell.

Boyfriend issues….or shall I say marriage issues, doha break ups, doha break-up aftershocks, weight issues, some D&G unresolved matters (it’s Dolce and Gabanna)…poink poink….farewells, goobyes…and more goodbyes…annoying cold and cough…some bony cheek encounters…getting drunk…being sober…new blond hairs……joel..and copycats….bitch queen…secret saturday tree hill flops…gossip girl reunions..upcoming buff-days…and many more……so many things that has outnumbered the camels in Dubai.

wuuuh?  —-yeah…with a question mark. again…wuuuh?

First up, the bitch poll!

with less than 10 days to go, let us find out whose leading as the fairest of them all.

look who's winning

And I am leading the game…………….Dignity at stake! I guess I am still on the top. But bitches can be more bitchly specially in the later part and we can never tell. Someone might not even sleep just to withstand the crown. Supporters….keep on voting. Even if I can smell the bacon from here…I am still willing to give my share. 😉 just chill out coz the numbers had spoken. Many tried….but nobody succeeded. Try hard….try harder.

In the end…there is only one woman standing. zzzzzzzzzzzz….zzzzzzzzzzzz…..

The bee buzzzzzzzzeeezz

– I was halfway assleep and I was in the room while I can hear the sound of the TV from the inside. Mariel Rodriguez has been interviewed and she was asked  whether she thinks that most men are kiss and tell. Then she replied back…..”I don’t think so all of them are like that” Am I dreaming? I wish I recorded the interview. It could have been a great proof that the “haaaa doon think soo” fever is sooooooooooo ON.

– I am healthy…so what? Someone has got a big problem right now…and I cannot tell anything further coz they are both my friends and I will never utter anything against any of the subject. Whatever this may lead to…I am still looking forward to hear some wedding bells with a cling cling cling.

– A week ago…Dubai has experienced few pours of rain. Nevertheless, 2 people pour down rains too. Balcony panics….people not showing up….boyfriend woes. Ugggghhhhhh! Behind those two smiles comes a big 4 layered mask. Each layered with sadness and hatred. A different situation…with one common problem. A broken heart due to excessive love. Gone are my days….its somebody’s turn now.

– Somebody just said goodbye to somebody…..will somebody give somebody a love which is deprived by somebody? I love you Doha.

– My boss finally said goodbye last Saturday with some few quotes to ponder on. I can’t remember the quote exactly but I can really sense some unfinished business in his farewell piece. Something which I believe…has been disclosed even in the last moments of his stay. Our department was mourning. We all had a teary eye. Myself in specific. Of course, we cannot let him leave without giving him something. A car navigator. Something essential to solve one of his major habits on road….GETTING LOST! We will all miss you Sid….One thing…It is difficult to travel on a ship without a Captain.

– With the above….comes My ex- boss Mayur Vilekar joining on board. Just like the old days.

– X…..axed. Someone’s leaving me too. After a long thought…he is leaving me rotting here in LG. I guess it was a good end though. As I’ve said…BETTER OPPORTUNITIES ARE ALWAYS GOOD OPPORTUNITIES. I will miss you fren….I bet you will too! Admit it… damn love me after all. You can’t just accept the fact that it is a fact….F OR F? wohoooo!!!

– I am suffering from Cold + heavy cough for the last one week. It was horrible. Intolerable. Such a pain in the neck. My eye bags are saying “Hi” due to this disgusting virus that I got from some mobile inferno.

– A bony cheek encounters happened a week ago. A pretentious act…the I am tipsy but I am cool encounter. Wahahahahhaha. (kumita nayan in fairview) that is so 80’s. There is only one thing I can say. Ni hao ma!

– Gee is now blonde. I mean blonder. Few people who has the only right to be “legally blonde”. Gee will always be Gee. I’ll give up my millions for that hair. 9 thumbs up!

– presenting…………….JOEL….finally we got his named tracked. Guess who figured out what was crushie’s name?

– Copycats: Footsy has got a new game. It is called…copy as many as you want. We can never call her bitch coz we are….SHE IS TERM LESS….

– November 22, 2008: Mark this date. It’s gonna be a “low-low-low” day…Oriental date….with a secret agenda!

– I watched One Tree hill episode 11 today…I fell asleep while watching. Something which is not the usual….it happens when I get bored and tired of what I am seeing. Gosh..Is it a falling down time for Tree Hill fanatics. Would Warner Brothers do something about this? Tree hill is becoming boring….becoming..common. Now Melrose Place is far off way better than Tree Hill.  Most of axed series often ends like this. Episode 11: I gave it a negative ten (-10) for a one of a kind flop.

– Gossip Girl. Unlike Tree hill. GG rocks. Well, tree hill also started with a phenomenal first season. I just hope that GG will be consistent about theirs….being unbelievably good. Episode 11 rocks. It was an episode of forgiveness. I have to admit…I cried specially with the Jenny and Rufus reunion. See it, otherwise I’ll spoil it.

– Happy birthday mean mina. 3 days from now and our dear mean mina will turn 18. That was like 11 years ago. Happy birthday….Ey mina…it’s your birthday…we’ll gonna party like….its your birthday…I love you and you know that. I love cutie allen too! (fease gurl!)

– Mama rosette is celebrating her second debut as well. (Peace Mama!) I was just kidding or am I right????? Jokes again. Mama….I so love you from the bottom of my anus. Let’s break a leg in this joyful day of yours. O come all ye faithful…..

– I need a proofreader. A grievance which is self-explanatory why.

What a week. It was an enormous one. I just can’t believe that this has happened over a week only. You really never know what is in store next. It is like a tv series…….with an unpredictable ending.

Of course we cannot close this blog item without talking about the topic concerning the Gabriz sisters.

My Views.

It was my bad…I have opened this topic and now…I can’t help it and it has to go on. After a week since I posted this topic, I have received numerous comments regarding the so called “saloon” encounter between some Tony and Guy Staff and the Gabriz sisters. Few revelations were identified and some cards were laid down. A lot of hate comments enough to make me filter some of them due to content concerns. A plenty of harsh comments yesterday and more crazy anecdotes followed today. It is even well discussed through a popular forum …and I just thought…this has become way overboard. We can say thousands of things about it any type of sorts..but still…I know that truth will prevail soon.

Cheers to someone who is making it more noisy. Cheers to me!

Oh Men…..You know what I am thinking right now?

I just want to sleep. Eyes closed. Hope to see you all when my eyes open up again.

I just love you all.

Love me more too!



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