The Heart of the Matter

One boring night the B and I were left behind by our friends Gee and Elle.

We were bored to death with the same daily routine so we decided so surf the net … you know… just looking for something new… something interesting… something out of the ordinary…


Just when we were about to give up… something caught our attention… it made us speechless for a millisecond, then we stared at each other’s eyes for another millisecond (you know the kind of look that uses no words but screams out “are you thinking what I am thinking”…)

… then we burst into frenzied laughter… it was hysterical… (remind me to get an x-ray… I think my ribcage got ruptured)



After a while we considered how “the heart of the matter” will react when she sees what we discovered.  But the bitchy itch got itchier and itchier every minute so I just knew we have to do this… she will understand.  (*wink*)


The heart of the matter

            For those of you who are curious about what we saw, presenting… “Ang Panday”  







It’s true what they say…

“Kung sinong wala, syang pinaguusapan”…. Or pinagtritrip-an!



            Never let B touch your portable hard drive

            My husband should always pick me up on time

            Do no leave the B and Mean Mina with an internet connection


Final words

            To you- you know who you are… “You will always be beautiful…..”


1 Comment

  1. guesswho81 said,

    January 16, 2009 at 9:25 am

    Ang ganda nya! Grabe.. Sobra!
    Bagay sila ni Echo.. I can’t wait
    for a comeback teleserye!

    Gee and Echo, I love u!

    Walang kaplastikan yan ha.. Weeey!
    Avas.. Jeema Cruz Araneta!

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