How are you people?

How are you upper east dubai siders?

It’s b here…the biggest and most sophisticated bug in town…again bugging you all guys around. Welcome to the coolest space in town….(at least in my own knowledge…’s the coolest)

SOMEBODY JUST FORGOT HER PART TIME JOB. 😉 So Mean Mina seems to be so busy with the packing thingy…..(she’s off for a vacation next week)..lucky bitch. As for all of us left here, we will all be biting our nails…staring outside our windows…watching the moon turn into half…rusting like total losers. I believe those descriptions were fair enough for all of you to believe that we really are….!!!

It is just a few hours away before the “RAKRAKAN” fest will take place. We all had plans of going. Can you believe that? Probably it was my fault because nobody said an official “YES” so far. It is just another plan that was almost realized…if not because I became a “Primadona”…then it could have been pursued. Let us just forget about it…Less explanation..less trouble.

I got a Thierry Mugler perfume from Mean Mina the other day. Thiery Mugler……it’s a Thiery Mugler. Maybe Mean Mina was not that aware that I am a collective fan of this freakin’ perfume.  It was her birthday present for me when turned 18 recently. Too bad I still owe her mine. But she will never regret waiting…I am sure it is worth the wait. The design was so cool and I can’t help staring at it the whole day. I even kept it as a display next to my altar. It was like a shimmering diamond….exquisite and classic.


A Wow for a Mugler

A Wow for a Mugler

Don’t you think it’s fabulous? Boxed like a queen…just like me.

Gossip Girl Episode 12 of the second season is finally out. Vanessa!….you should see the silhouette outfit gurls. Damn. It was a real Humphrey touch!

I saw a couple of en-en’s friendster pictures last week. En-en was that friend of mine who’s diagnosed with Appendix’s cancer. I suddenly got depressed to see that she is now bald while she undergoes a  chimotheraphy. I know that she is strong…an she can totally surpass that. I hope she’s well. Everyday…..Help me pray for her too!

It was my first time to see a rainbow in Dubai yesterday which lasted for 5 minutes I guess. Too bad I was driving and I couldn’t stop as I opted to take pictures of it. I’d rather see another rainbow in line for the next years….rather than killing myself right?

So what happened else this week aside from Leroy dating Tintu? For those of you who are curious….they are my office mates and they aren’t fictional characters…(*winks*)

Nothing much from me. I tend to become a total freak about work lately and it is not doing anything good for me. Day goes by and it becomes worst.

Somebody’s hurting really bad  I guess…..I can smell the pain right here. I hope she recovers fast. I am just here and you know that. To you again who did this. Damn you for the nth time!

I guess that would be it for today….the bee is not in so much mood to spill the milk right now.

…………have to be back for some more.

and you bet all your life that it will be “hot”

catch you some other time guyzzzz

don’t hate me coz’ I’m beautiful….fight back.



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