It’s cold out there

Eid Mubarak everyone. It is the second celebration of Eid which is popularly known as the celebration of Eid ul-Fitr. It is going to be a long holiday for everyone. Most of my friends, colleagues and contractors are outside Dubai. I say, lucky them.

I should have stayed home today. I wasted 1 hour on traffic, complicated by the disastrous flood outside. It was heavy. Rain continuously poured and it has never stopped since morning. Damn unplanned drainage systems. My car almost had a built-in pool when I was trying to pass that level of water which is about a foot high. It was fronting Mazaya Center’s entrance.

Moral Lesson: Get a 4 wheel drive.

I accompanied my mom to buy some new pillows at Mazaya Center. It was extremely cold outside and I was shivering like hell. I have not unpacked my jackets yet and I am dying to wear my turtle necks too. Freakin’ to-do list task which never took place.

The weather makes me feel so lazy while I was struggling for the return of my disturbing cough. Again, due to the change of weather.

Gee, gave me a buzz today. She had a wonderful time watching the “Rakrakan” fest last night. She almost lost her leg she said. Poor Girl. I was wondering how she was able to withstand the crowd upon hearing that it was really jam packed. Technically termed as congested. Well, she also told me that Jet Pangan looks broader than me….so we don’t look so similar. I was thinking about it and I cannot figure out what difference does it make. If I look like Jet Pangan, then I’ll take it as a compliment. I guess everyone agrees though…..

Everybody is set for tomorrow’s Dela Hoya and Pacquiao match. Rocky’s Cafe is fully booked while majority are busy booking for a “Pay-per-view” channel for a relaxing coffee fight tomorrow morning. All alarms are set for tomorrow which will take place as early as 5 am. Let us all cross our fingers and hope Manny will prove everybody wrong and say out loud that “miracles do happen”.

Don't be confused....she is a she

Eva Fonda

Dianne is back in town. Back with a new hubby. I wish I can meet her this long holidays but I am sure she will be out for something good. Ass…..I read her journal the other day over Friendster and she stayed in Burj Al Arab for a night. How can people be so lucky? She remains to be so beautiful. Ooozing hot. But still hiding something inside her pants… 😉 Peace Di, I love you bitch and I hope we can meet before you get exiled back in the Phil. Ang Dawub teh….aw lagi? Way support ha.

Gee…Mean Mina…Sultry Elle. I was wondering what these bitches are doing right now. No calls…no plans…..So quiet. I am sure. Like me, they were hindered by the continuous drizzles outside which made all of us so lazy. I am not quite sure about Gee. (*winks*)

It is too sad to know that a lot of my friends were affected by the Global recession. I always thought that Dubai will not get affected. Not until a couple of friends called me saying “I lost my Job”. That sucks. Recently, a close friend who’s working in EMAAR was axed from her job and other 52 employees joining her. How sad? It makes me appreciate my job more. I can’t afford to loose it as of the moment. I heard that companies are on “Last-in, First-out” basis. Hoooooo! Scary.

God forbid that it won’t happen to us.

Ryan and Louise are about to get married this month.  It is too bad that I will miss such once in a lifetime event. Even if I am not there, I hope I am still in the guest list. They seem so happy about it and I am happy for them too. I wish them both everlasting happiness and love. Are we expecting mini me’s soon? Congratulations to soon to be newlyweds.

Valencia Sale is still “ON” and I was hoping if I can go…drive and buy some more stuff. I bought one for my sister recently and I can’t wait to purchase more. 65 bucks…dirt cheap from its original price of 1,950 Dhs. Life is fair when it comes to buying shoes.

German Disaster. I always thought that Germans are good. Well, not all of them. Somebody just made a problem for me recently. A full bodied fake. Pretentious bitch who almost caught me, believing that she was a true gem. Not until I found her true colors hidden. A pain in the a**. and you bet that the a** is deep.


Randell and Ces will be in Dubai anytime soon. I am just waiting for their Visas to get confirmed….otherwise…Voila…Dubai: here we come. I am happy to welcome them on board.

I have to finish this post. I am stinking and I badly need a foam bath.

Cheers everyone.

Again. Don’t hate me coz’ I am beautiful. Fight back bitch.

B here giving you love…love and more love.


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