The fun that FRIENDS give

Slept pretty late? It is 1:14 am here in Dubai and everybody is at the peak of their dreams. That of course  include my mom and my sister.

So why am I still up at this time?

10 seasons with almost 24 episodes each? That’s about 240 reasons for you to stay home and sleep late. Grab a mini popcorn while holding a mini TV. Amazing, isn’t it? Technology has indeed evolved into its major phase.

It has been 6 months since the time I bought my 160 GB Ipod and even thought twice of buying it at first. My Ipod has always been my best buddy. It’s the best way to Kill boredom. It is the best way to Kill time. It’s even the best way to watch Kill Bill. (haha..funny..) It has become my daily confidante (far off way better than a real one).  Moments where you hide inside the office toilet, sit and just watch your favorite movie. No doubt, my Ipod has become my best mate so far.

Friends with Benefits


Last month, Reagan Lu (gee’s close friend, as termed) gave us a copy of Friends Season 1-10.

Believe me, it’s addicting. Even if how many times I have seen this series, it was never a regret to look back and watch it all over again. I owe Reagan a kiss for this and I’ll make sure that once he gets it…he’ll be suffocated. If people only knew what’s behind Reagan’s Ipod. Hah…Architect…(*winks*) PEACE bro.

For those of you who wants to get a copy of friends (Ipod compatible), please send me a PM. I would be very much welcome to send you a copy. Friends do share. Trust me, you can even stay on bed, for a day just watching it. What do you say Gee? I am so much hooked up with this mini portable gadget. Go and get one for yourself.

Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe… current best buddies.

Experience the after effects of the FRIENDS mania. Experience it yourself.

They are redundantly funny!

Unbeatable and inevitably hilarious.

Chill out for I have got some.




1 Comment

  1. gee in the story said,

    December 7, 2008 at 11:45 am

    i have to agree…i did the same thing last nyt! slept at 3am! ahaha

    i miss u already, B!!!

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