December 7, 08′ – A DAY TO REMEMBER

…….and it is December 7th of the year 2008. Let me start it this way coz’ i’m sure this is all marked up in everybody’s calendar.

How is everyone doin’? It has been a fine, gloomy and cold day for me. I think I overslept yesterday. I looked like a Bubbled eye fish today. My eyes are swollen. I woke up at around 8 am to walk Valerie outside. Man, it was really cold. I was wearing a thick jacket with 2 undershirts and that seems to be insufficient still. Lovely Val had enjoyed her morning as she swayed her black glossy hair into our neighbor’s green grass.

I met somebody at Wafi City in the afternoon. It was regarding one of my shops that is about to commence next week. I never expected that the previous tenant of my shop was unwittingly HOT. He totally blew my innocence away as I keep on staring at him while he continuously talk about the project and its blah blah blah. Believe me, I was pretending I understood everything that he said. He is one hell of a dish. Yummy! I don’t mind if I don’t have water to gulp after.  After all, what is at stake will be a f*ckin firm bum.

My header with be a little off considering that today is already December 8. But who can forget such mark if so many unforgettable events took place on this day?

short recaps….


Another victory for the Pacman as he made the biggest noise in the first half of the day. Lucky guy. He will soon be lying down in a bed of fortune. 11 million dollars dude! Who can top it?  Well, it was not a victory for him but for all of us in fact. That’s what is so good about him…he never fails to forget where he came from.  He put us back into the wall of fame. Nothing much……(*winks*) Just a Delahoya.  Seriously, that’s one hell of a fight. I hope Danielle will also wave her victory next week. All fingers are crossed for a second victory for the land I called home.


happy 4th anniversary

happy 4th anniversary

Can you beleive it? is turning 4 years old this coming December 12, 2008. Time runs so fast like a bullet train. The accidental fun has offically turned 4 exciting yet joyful years. I made a couple of updates this morning. Change some dates. Proof read some stuff. Changed a couple of colors. I guess I focused so much on my blog site and just forgot to maintain my other shell. But I will be strictly looking out for both today onwards. In fact, I will not alter my concept for this year and decided to renovate next year only. has proven to be an extra-ordinary space….from a scratch…to something worth keeping. Cheers for more glorious years to come.


This is really something so so sad. I was driving back home. I met Gee and the gang in Central Perk when Mean Mina sent me an SMS about her blog post this evening. It was regarding Marky Cielo’s death which totally surprised not only me but all of us. We were just talking about him a couple of weeks back. Duhhhhh! don’t you get it? It means HE is popular bitch. Everybody just seemed to be so busy about someone’s victory early this morning….we didn’t know that somebody just passed away so calm and silent. I don’t want to talk more about this because it is just so depressing. I do extend my heartfelt condolences to his loved ones who is in deep grief and sorrow right now. I will not be very excited to know who’s next? Creepy!

It’s 3:16 in the morning and I believe I have to reward myself with a good and tight sleep. 2 days more and holiday mood is over. Major loser.

Enough of the crap….





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  1. November 14, 2009 at 5:29 am

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    Если конечно администрация этим занимается , куда писать? И что насчет расценнок?

    Куда писать не знал поэтому написал сюда
    если что извеняюсь перед администрацией.

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