The B-Spot


We’ve all been busy… to say things have been BUSY is a mild understatement

This is going to be my last blog here.
After this i should probably get my own space. It was quite fun entertaining ya ol!
The real reason why I invaded in the first place wasn’t to conquer someone else’s territory… but to make the Bee realize what she has taken for granted- remember the ‘dark’ times when the Bee was too busy to even write anything- well I thought that if I started writing the Bee would go back to her real love- her space, a place where she is queen of the bitches.
So to the gossip goddess, I’m giving you full reign once more.
          …gotta say this- I’m too sexy for this spot anyway! <har har!>

Going home…
In a few days I’m going home
… so thrilled to see my nephew and nieces.
I heard the song “Next Year” by the Foo Fighters. Made me more excited to see my family back home
   “I’m in the sky tonight
   There i can keep by your side
   Watching the whole world wind around and round
   I’ll be coming home next week”

This Season…

Fave character: The Grinch
Accessories: Bring out the trendy scarves baby
Footwear: Boots… duh!
Décor: Swarovski Tree in DFC… fa-fa-fa-fabulous!
Window: sorry Gee but Harvey Nics 2nd floor … a- ay karamba! (in the words of Bart Simpson)
What I want for Christmas: world peace. really.

To everyone… a merry christmas!
Find a charity to support. Switch to reusable shopping bags
Give until it hurts. Love deeply, madly!

You bitches take care of each other while i’m away.
Have a fantabulous holiday!

I bet you’ll miss me…
Mean Mina


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