Quality time with Val

I am sorry for those who are having their dinner right now. The following scene is not suitable for young ages.



God…I am so fat!

Good evening everyone. It’s the doormat here. Oops..Wait! I mean it’s me…. B.

I will be off to Bahrain tomorrow morning and before that….I decided to play and have some quality time with my baby…Valerie. She decided to relax, sat at my back for an approximate half an hour. Believe me, my knees where like having cramps and it was starting to feel numb. My mom was so supportive to kick my legs off when she realized that I was numbing like hell.

Valerie just missed me so badly. It’s pretty obvious. Check it out!

——– Chapter 2: Disturbed by Kris Aquino’s mouth

I love this gal. So much. But she is just too loud. I can hear her from the other side of my room wall while I was busy editing my write up. She just talks so much. I was peeping from my seat. The buzz. I saw Phoemela Barranda’s gown. It was elegant and lovely. It was a plain white single cut outfit with some design patterned with the Philippine Islands. I knooowwww. It sounds so jologs but it was superb. I forgot to take  pictures. I could have given justice to the dress description. But of course, nobody can top Gee’s turtle neck today, knitted inspired. Again, nobody can wear those but only Gee.

I started packing my things for tomorrow. As if there is a lot. Well, I just placed my things inside a small portoflio and that’s it. I made sure everything is in place. Who wouldn’t be if you will be travelling with the real big “B”?

——– Chapter 3: Miss World 2008, tsk.tsk.tsk.

We were discussing Miss Russia’s triumph in the recently concluded Miss World. Damn…if only the betting odds are accessible in Dubai…I would have been shaking dollars in my hand. But too bad that a wild guess entails nothing.

I have to take off now….I am so sleepy and tired. I still have gazillions of paperworks to finish when I come back.

I am feeling so weird today. I really don’t know why. Maybe it is because I am thinking where I can park my car tomorrow?

hugs and kisses here,




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