Don’t you think that it is too much of hearts? This is one way of avoiding royalty cost dear.

An Accidental Click, Closer look

An Accidental Click, A Closer look

If I only knew, I wouldn’t limit myself in clicking pictures of him. But it was late. I just realized that he was very hot when I was sitting next to him in the plane. For quite sometime, I believe I became too obvious that I was already flirting. Special mention to all the weird gestures I had when I was conversing with him……Come on. You should have seen me. I got wild for a moment.

Before I go on, let me just welcome you all. I am so sure that even in the minutest moment that I was gone… missed me badly.

By the way, don’t you love my newest icons on the side bar. I spent 3 hours doing that configuring an exact html code. Both so queenly.

I woke up 4:30 in the morning today after sleeping late at 1:00 am. So that is 3 and a half hour of sleep which is not even enough to keep me awake  during the flight. I was ready at 6 am. I decided to take my car with me and just park in in the paid parking down the port. I dropped my sister first. She also woke up early for an early log as well. I even have to finsih this blog before 12:00 am gets in otherwise it will again repeat the same thing that happened today.

—-big “B” is missing

I didn’t have the time for my breakfast since my mom wasn’t able to prepare me something in the morning. Instead, I grab some meal to munch at McDonalds. I guess I arrived in the aiport so early. I was able to complete my check-in and walked almost a kilometer, all set at gate 14 by around 7:00 am.

My boss called me informing that he is leaving home. I sat in the lobby and once again bonded with my Ipod. A couple of minutes after, he called me again saying that he is experiencing problems with his e-gate card. A couple of minutes again….he notified me that he will not be able to join us flying to Bahrain.

Don’t you think that was fun? 😉 This time, I was certain. Inside, I screamed Freedom.

—-the alternative

Joining me instead was Alex. He is from Italy. I used to join him in a couple of meetings that I had in the office. We were all busy about work back then. This is in fact the first time that we had a close encounter and I never imagined that he was drooling attractive. A man with a very good built with a very pleasing face. I was talking to him when he sat next to me in the plane, on our way to Bahrain. Let us just say 243 centimeters away from mah’ face.

He talks sensible things. He has got grey tantalizing eyes. Red lips. He doesn’t smoke. He is married with 3 kids. He babytalks so much about Christmas. He is just somebody I overlooked.

He is cute and I can prove that. I just don’t want to engage myself with something which is related to my work. But with him……..who would say NO? I can’t wait for his invites to Italy. For sure, it will be more romantic. Damn…..sounds like a fairy tale to me.

—-bitch faults

Can you believe that we have to wait for almost 1 and half hour? I felt sorry and embarassed. It could have been ok if I was alone. But I was with the principals. Poison please!

Well, back in Dubai, somebody seems to be doing her job properly and weren’t able to inform someone in Bahrain that we are supposed to be picked up from the aiport. Just imagine, what if big “B” was able to fly with us. That could have been fun…….when we come back. Some ass will be on fire when I return. Do it the right way next time bitch. That makes me appreciate kir-T better. 😉

—-our destination

Bahrain City Center, the place was gigantic. Almost 3/4 of Mall of the Emirate’s size. I have seen some design features which is replicated in Dubai Mall. I am just not quite sure, who did it first. You can absolutely play football inside. We went specifically for our shop. Did a couple of proposed amendments. Took a couple of pictures…..I was browsing it a minute back and there I found a stolen shot of the person who accompanied me during the entire trip. Alex (*winks*) It was really fun. It was supposed to be boring, but he made it sparkle.

—-our lunch

We had a bite in Marina Mall. The most boring mall I have ever stepped in. Having him eating next to me, made me eat in bits and pieces. 🙂 This has to be right. Otherwise….it could be a minus point for me. One false move and I am dead. Hahahahah! I knooooowww…


I met Shusmita Sen in the Bahrain Admin office. She missed me and I know that. She seemed so happy and settled though. O God. I hope she decides to stay there for good. In that case, I remain to be the queen. Though she has always been a first runner up ever since. 😉 I met Larry as well. The Project Architect who has been handling the projects in Bahrain and….hopefully, he will be doing my amendments too.

The office was far off way better than what we have here in Dubai. The ambiance was cooler. The place was very calm. You won’t even believe that tension has even felt back there.

—-ADIOS Bahrain

For such a short time, I must say….I have enjoyed it. I was surprised to do a lot of things. That means good for me. It’s time to face Dubai again. Bye for now Alex, I say, we will meet again…………………like on Thursday?

I lovesssss it and by the way……he held my hand when we departed ways.  My heart was pounding like the Big Ben.

Also, special mention to the Gulf Air cabin crew who accidentally poured a cocktail juice on my pants. But since I was in love, I forgive you.

—-happy birthday charice

Happy birthday cha. I love you dear. Wish you all the happy and great things in life.

—-mommy susan

I’ll be visiting Bahrain once again……so don’t be upset if I wasn’t able to meet you. It was just a one day trip and next time, I will make sure that it will be a longer one.

I need to grab some sleep since I am very tired, exhausted but in love. 😉 I am just kidding a**holes

b here, signing off 


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