We will all be missing you mean mina



Mean mina is off for her annual leave tomorrow. Of course, joining her is cutie Allen. Unfortunately, I was not able to see her today and give her my goodbye hug. But I will still have a last minute glimpse  because I will have to meet her tomorrow as I am tasked to take care of her 2 fighther fishes. I don’t remember their names (if there is any). Let us just call them Paris and Nicole.  They will be with me for a month while mean mina is exploring the beauty of our native country. She must be so excited. I envy her. 😦 But that is life….as they say. Una unahan lang. (*winks*)

I read about the adventures inside the elevator.It sounded “fun”. I bet you were missing somebody to be there aside from me. huh?

Visit Mean Mina’s nest http://meanmina.wordpress.com/ and make it a habit. It’s addicting!

We will all be missing this bubbly creature. (feace) love yah so much.

I am downloading Gossip girl episode 14. I can’t wait for another Chuck fever.

Do wait for that.

I still can’t get over Alex. He is still running in my mind…playing tennis. Hihihi.

I love you all.



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