Miss World 2008 after effects

I was reading the famous 7 days newpaper today when I grabbed it from my gate when I was moving out from home on my way to Wafi City. In the centerfold, I read an article about the views of some people who witnessed (just like me) the recently concluded Miss World 2008.

I must say, even though I am not a full fledged Miss Russia fan, I believe she is one of the deserving delegates to wear the crown. Crap are those who say that she is fake. So What? Who’s not nowadays?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there’s no doubt that what is considered attractive differs from place to place. In Western societies waif-like figures have been taking up – well little space – in fashion magazines for many years, while on the other hand within many African or Latin American communities it’s thought that the more full-figured woman is more eye-catching.

Jennifer Lopez is just one example of a beautiful woman if you ask men who lust after shapely curves, while in the same continent, skinny girls such as Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie have admirers, who – in the words of the heiress – think they’re ‘hot’.

So what is beauty?

The worldwide beauty contest Miss World attempts to answer this question each year when it picks the overall winner of its pageant. And this year the glittering tiara went to a 21-year-old Russian girl.  As the 7DAYS letters page would suggest however, not everybody believes that the Russian cybernetics student deserved the accolade. Plastered in thick make-up, draped with long fake blond hair extensions and wearing a questionable pout, Miss World 2008 is indeed attractive, but some are saying perhaps a little fake-looking? The fact that Miss World 2008’s extremely ‘made-up look’ won the Miss World competition does not surprise Dubai-based beauty consultant, Hazel Mills.

Talk about the inevtiable comments from different people of different races. This is not a general comment though…..so what can we do to ease the grapes which are becoming sour. 😉

“I don’t know if she had any work done, but because cosmetic surgery is so much more attainable to the average person these days, it has become much more commonplace in society, meaning that people now accept this type of look a lot quicker,” says Hazel.

“We see it on many of the celebrities, musicians and on television, so we are perhaps losing sight of natural beauty a little bit, because enhancements and plastic surgery have become so popular.”

Hazel blames the media for perpetuating the plastic beauty image, and she says it’s responsible for giving its audience an unrealistic view of beauty.

“When the average woman looks in the mirror these days, she often thinks she might like to have bigger lips or a bigger chest.

“Nowadays you’re either naturally beautiful, or you go and achieve ‘beauty’ through cosmetic surgery.”
Picture of a Russian beauty queen in hand, we hunted down some Dubai men to see if Miss Russia does it for them.

David Robinson, UK, safety manager
“She looks like skeletor. And she has false lips, does she? She looks like a man in drag. It’s like the media decide what’s beautiful these days. Go ask 100 men on the street if this Miss World is beautiful or a size 12 real woman, with a nice shape. This Miss World doesn’t represent what most people on the street thinks is nice.”
Most beautiful women are from: Iran

Wael Khalil, Egyptian, financial advisor
“I think she is beautiful. She is not that natural looking, but she is beautiful. I don’t have a problem with women that look after themselves like this, but I do prefer a natural look.
Most beautiful women are from: Egypt

John Gulla, Filipino, student
“It’s not just about beauty, it’s about personality and attitude too. To win doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be that beautiful. To me it doesn’t matter how she looks. Maybe this Miss World likes the way she looks and that’s fine.”
Most beautiful women are from: The Philippines.

Nader Debbech, Tunisia, Emirates crew
“She’s not what I would consider an ideal beauty; she doesn’t look that good. The Indian girl who came second was much prettier. Surely being a natural beauty is what should win a Miss World competition.”
Most beautiful women are from: Eastern Europe and along the Mediterranean.

Sydne Fernandes, India, works in transport
“This is not real beauty. I don’t like the hair; it doesn’t look real. You should always look natural, not with all this make-up. There are a lot of plastic looking girls today; even the older ladies are going for this look, because they think it’s nice.”
Most beautiful women are from: India

Mark James, UK, engineer
“There are so many girls that look like this. They are like clones; you see them everywhere. It’s as though there is a factory somewhere that is churning out these Barbie dolls.
A normal more natural looking lady is more beautiful to me. This Miss World isn’t even that beautiful, she looks a bit like a man dressed as a woman.”
Most beautiful women are from: Scandinavia

article courtesy of www.7days.ae

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