Happy Holiday! Happy to be back!

Good day peeps.

Merry Christmas to all of you. To your families and all your loved ones.

I am very happy to be back after being out for quite sometime. My Big “B” is very considerate to give me a day off on a Christmas Day. That’s cool. My internet connection got disconnected because of some complications with my Wireless router. Fortunately, my connection is back and you know what that means right? I promised myself that I will definitely issue my post for today.

There are so many things to spill….while there are tons of stories to tell. I cannot even remember some, but I will make sure that I will extend my reach as far as possible. In case you forgot…..nobody can hide from my sight! But just remember, I love you all no matter what is at stake.

So without further ado…….Let us start the ball rollin’ and bouncin’




———–> And here is a recap of this week’s highlights!

  • Congratulations! Now Blow the candle. One of my shops just recently opened in Dubai Marina Mall. It happened last 22nd of December. It was a 48 hour standstill job. Without sleep…stressed out…just had a quick munch somewhere in marina walk…..go back to work again while I stand in front of my laborers. Tsk…tsk…tsk..Too bad that I really have to slog my butt out and be there to make sure it completes. But wait!!!! if there is an opportunity for some quickie….why not? In the dark side area of Sheraton Hotel….there thousands of unborn babies poured into my hand. 😉 Kiss and tell? Yummy. BIG! well-endowed individual. I must say, it pays to work hard. At least there is another reason why my back was aching….guess it is not only because I am tired. Fill in the blanks bitch. It’s Ecco”ing”.

I blew it hard!

  • Gee’s Secret.Gee…..Gee…..Gee…….What else can I say? I promised her that I will leave her out of my blog today. But sorry gee….you know for the fact that my blog is built to stand for the truth.. 😉 I must do this and just to give you a bonus, I’ll make it easier for you. Relax…..jeeeezzz. I just wanted to confirm if I am really smelling something right. One word: Yahoooo!!!! You just convinced me the other day that things can really be possible. Go girl..!!!…you still have 5 days to break the record. Mean Mina………….I guess we are winning here. I always love sending her home evryday…I tend to discover so much.

  • Gee owes me a pinch. In relation to that, Gee, always watch your back and try to avoid my fingers who will be after your neck beatch.

My Hidden Agenda

  • The spicey girls christmas presents. Generous bitches gave me a couple of presents which I was not really expecting. It almost made me cry. What hurts more is that I have not bought something for them yet. Now I am starting to think what could make this bunch of beauties happy???? what yah think? How about the so popular glow in the dark dildo. Out of the three…who do you think can use this more often? (*winks*) Things which doesn’t require any multiple choice to answer.
You're so Vain

You're so Vain

  • Vanity Smurf.Gee gave me a mini statue the day before yesterday. It was an extended Christmas gift. It’s the tiny winny Vanity Smurf. Joke’s apart, this is actually my first time to know that there are green blooded smurfs. And ohhhh the flower. Reminds me of myself so much. Thanks Gee. I am still finding a better one for you. I will make sure that it will best fit your personality. In fact….I am starting to think about something right now.
  • The Marks and Spencer Chocolates. My God. You should taste this. This is one hell of a sweet creation. Trust me, you can’t resist it for sure. Gee always give me a box of it. Now it starting to become a tradition. 😉 Right gee. Thanks for those sweet discover.
  • Elle’s Pinay collections. Elle’s Pinay First collections are now selling. For Dubai Order, you can visit their official website at http://pinaywear.multiply.com/
  • X is leaving the company soon. As much as I don’t want to think about it…..but the truth is I can’t help it. This is going to the first time that we will part ways as we have been in the same practice for the last 3 years now. It is sad. But somebody has to move on. I am sure he will miss me. I am not sure though…how much I am going to miss him back. As long as I know that he is in good hands. Good for me with a thumbs up.
  • Welcome Randell and Celeste. I am happy to welcome my new Dubai victims and my newest colleagues in Landmark Group. I am picking them on Saturday morning as they are scheduled to fly tomorrow evening. Can you believe it? We were just talking about it a couple of months back when I went home…and now…it is about to come true. I can’t wait for it. At least I knew, I actually made somebody’s dream come true.
  • The H and J break up. We were just discussing about it last week and now they are rumored to be off the blinds. That fast? Whatever……..let us see if it’s true. One thing I confirmed from H is that…..J is big. Goodness gracious…I always knew that he is big. Shiny!
  • Eman’s visit. Eman gave us a surprise visit yesterday evening. The eve of Christmas. I miss this beatch so much and the endless whining about his Sri Lankan bf. One more and I am going to hit that bastard for hurting my bestfriend. He gave us a gift. It was a dinner set….though it was not from Villeroy and Boch…but it was the thought that counted. Advance happy birthday to one of the closest person in my heart. I love you bayot!
  • The Global Recession. I am receiving a lot of calls from my friends recently regarding the after effects of the Global recession which merely hit thousands of OFW across the world. Here in Dubai…most of my friends and friend’s friends were affected also. Some of them are from Emaar…from Damac…from First Gulf…From Atkins…Nakheel….from most of the biggest companies in the region. In short, it’s from anywhere. Surprisingly, the retail business has not been affected yet. Lucky me. Lucky us. I believe, the decision of staying back was a heaven sent final call.
  • Second Christmas with Val. Of course, we can’t celebrate Christmas without the new member of our family. Valerie…….spending her second Christmas with us. If we have gifts…so as she. She is so happy to have her first modern bone toy. As usual, the yellow ball still comes first for her. Valerie in her fabulous moments. One secret: She is so cute and stubborn. New tricks with new styles.
  • My Book. With just a couple of chapters away from its completion, I am proud to say that I will be publishing my very first book soon. I am still thinking about the Book title and I am currently selecting some out of my filters.
  • Charice and Tope’s birthday. It was Charice’s Birthday last December 15, 2009 while Tope celebrated as well on the 20th. I miss my brother and sister Cha and Tope. Luckily they have their father back to join them for Christmas. I will be home soon and I’ll promise….I will see you both soon. I miss Ate Cathy also. I miss the fun. I miss everything.
  • Igy and Mich. One of the things which reminds me of Blue Christmas is Mich and Igy. My bestfriend and My Son. I knew Mich has got a very big disappointment on me for not communicating so often and not even showing up for like 6 years now. So many responsiblities to answer. 😦 Just bear with me Mich and Igy….I promise you…Once I see you back…I’ll make sure it is going to be memorable. I love you Mich…please take care of Igy..I am sure he’s a grown up now. I miss being his dad. 😦 I know that I have a lot of explanation to tell….but whatever it is., always remember that I love you both so much.
  • RD is coming to Dubai. Danrub Lastimosa….My goodness. What can I say? There is so much to tell about this fellah and it would take another ONE post for me to do so. So for now….let us leave the book half closed and welcome him soon as he invades the city that never sleeps. It’s Dubai…not Tokyo.
  • Maricel Gonzales. In Memory of my late bestfriend..I offer all my prayers on her 8th death anniversary on December 28. Wherever you are buddy. Please take care and look after me always…as what we have promised to each other. Just one thing….can you not do that when I am taking a bath?… 😉
  • Work and its ambiance. Well same as usual. Looking haggard and pretty stressed out about work. New faces…same old boring current ones (hihihi) 😉  I can’t wait for my back ups to come. Dell and Ces…..SOS.
  • Food for the brain. Just got these corrections recently while I was listening to a grammar expert on T.V. the other day. It’s good to learn something new….and it doesn’t make you less of a person to admit that you used such words….hahaha… 🙂 I did.

WRONG: Full-pledged    RIGHT: Full-fledged 

Usage: I am a full-fledged Dennis Trillo fan.

WRONG: Fast phased     RIGHT: Fast paced 

Usage: Dubai has got a fast paced Urban planning.

WRONG: Lip Sing      RIGHT: Lip Synch

Usage: Usher is faking it. He is lip synching.

WRONG: Flatform      RIGHT: Platform

Usage: I am running for President and my platforms are……

  • Friendster spam. The “open my cam” spam is really pissing me off and enough to almost make me decide to shut it down. To all users….friendster is going down. Try something new…such as wordpress. It is becoming dangerous nowadays. It’s a good thing that I have a philshing tool. I guess that was the reason why I got one of my credit cards hacked 3 times.
  • My Big Sister’s wedding. I am so excited about this, words cannot express how much I am thrilled about this event. I am crossing fingers that hopefully I can go home and witness this once in a lifetime event. I am so happy for her. It was a long wait. And finally, it is about to happen. A fairy tale come true.
  • Qatar OFW’s. I was watching T.V. and I didn’t notice that I was already teary eyed while watching the current condition of our fellow OFW’s in Qatar. These immigrants just lost their job recently and some of them just ended up collecting shrimp heads to feed themselves. When I saw it…it was really bad to see such scenario. Purely depressing. I can’t imagine myself going through the same. I wanted to help them in my own little ways…but I am still thinking……How?
  • The new Meebo widget. Now you can chat with me 24/7 anywhere in the world at anytime. Please visit my blog site and see the Meebo widget on the sidebar and Voila….start chatting with me. You can even see me LIVE. Who knows…you might even see me naked and doing stuff. EEEWwww..Growwwss.! The Meebo is for all my avid readers out there, now finally….prayers answered. Lovely feature! Just log choose a nick name and hit the send button. It will automatically send to my mobile phone. Gosh! I really love gadgets.
  • Mean Mina’s Vacation. Somebody is really having a great time back home. Having “zero” entries in her blog for the last one week…I am hopeful that my best pal mean mina is having a blast back home. She must be enjoying it. I bet she does!  I hope she comes back soon. We all miss you  dear! Me, Gee and Elle….we can’t stand being a “trio”…..you know that. Merry Christmas mean mina. We love you so much.
  • Dr. Hayden Kho and Zach Efron. My new crushes, and I bet I am not the only one.

I'm shivering Baby. Quit it please~!

 I am not so sure who is the lady with him but I’ll make sure we will talk about it when he gets home.


I surrender

 Vicky Belo’s major asset. Lucky Bitch. Heard that he has a sex video. Can’t wait to see it if it’s true.

  • Bookworms. I was browsing the net and I was reading some articles about HIV awareness and I found this site. http://www.positivism.ph 
Positivsm Book

The Book of Positivism

Visit it yourself and enjoy the feeling of reading a book while you are outdoors. Interactive reading online. It is accessible on my link sidebar as well. This would definitely educate us a lot. Always remember: Ignorance excuses no one. Read more about this article in Brian Gorrell’s blog. Just click here.

  • Gossip girl and One Tree Hill. Gossip Girl Episode 14 is still not available. Damn. I can’t wait for the next episode to come. We were stuck at Episode 13 and I can’t wait for Next. One Tree Hill is at least finally back on its track. Is peyton dying? Tell me.
  • Friends. I am almost done. I just finished season 7. I am off for Season 8. Scream and chill, I am about to complete it.
  • Long holiday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. 4 days of rest and a short escape from work. Don’t you think it sounds so fun? I love it. I’ll make sure, I will make the most out of it.
  • Christmas Celebration. How are you spending the Yuletide season? Another year is gone and we are about to face another new year. So many things happened….some were good…some were bad. I am just happy to be alive and sane. I missed my friends backhome. I missed those years when I just have to sit and give company to my friends the whole day during Christmas. Wooooosssh! I wish I can turn back those. I miss a simple life. Less complicated, too much of happiness.

Let me take this opportunity of saying sorry to all the people that I have offended and for all the people that I owe an apology. Forgive me for just being human.

So you’ve heard enough. What else can you ask for?

This has been your daily vanity smurf. Wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas. Let love enter your homes. Always.

Signing off with a thousand hugs and a million kisses.

Once again, A | Very | Merry | Christmas | and | a | Prosperous | New | Year | to | all.




1 Comment

  1. meanmina said,

    December 26, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    Miss you too, girls!!!
    I did post some stuff last night.
    About us ‘winning’…. duh… we ALWAYS win!!! hahaha!
    But really… i think Gee (and boylet) may be the bigger winner(s) here.

    Gee… a deadline IS a DEADLINE….!!! I’ll be waiting for the good news!!!

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