Happy New Year….New Year…New beginnings

Happy new year everyone. Join me in welcoming the year 2009. Let us all celebrate the new year with a big bang. SERIOUSLY…..have a blast! But before that…..sit down….and have a dosage of B’s enticing allure. I can assure, this won’t take long.

It was a great year and I am sure that there are plenty of things which happened 365 days ago.

Good evening everyone. It’s me. B, at your service again. I am back. Of course, I remain beautiful. I am sorry that it took me forever to give my New Year Post. Well, as the old man always say it’s better late than never.

Does anyone have something to spill? Well I have. In fact…..plenty.

Let me start by welcoming my new colleagues who recently joined us in the group. Randell and Celeste. I guess they are having a great time here. I am happy to have them at work. I am happy to be their new room mate as well. So far…so good. But randell’s snoring habit was really something looooouuuudd! A fresh discovery for me. First hand information. First time to witness it. Hahahaha. Randell will kill me for this. But please…it’s a SHHHHHH!!!! It means…it’s a secret. 😉 But I love them. I really do. They are two nice people which such two big hearts.

—–Remembering Gaza

I was so depressed to hear about the air-strike in Gaza. A lot of people lost their lives. I really can’t understand who’s behind this black agenda. It was really a very bad new year to start with. I am not surprised why here in Dubai  everyone was refrained from celebrating the new year’s eve to join others in mourning with the lives that are wasted. Join me in praying for all of them and their lost souls.

—–let us be happy for a while and forget about all of these for the mean time.

Well, before we finally take off to the really happy ones…here is another sad one. X took his exit the day before yesterday. It just sink in today, when I finally got the time to be alone. He is GONE and there is no way that I can turn back the hands of time. I had a terrible week at work as usual. It was so bad of me that I didn’t even find time to spend his last days with me. I really don’t understand what is wrong with me. Sad… sad….sad. I just hope that there will be a next time for this. At least, I was able to get a tight and big hug from him.

—–Me and Mean Mina’s triumph

The long wait is over and we finally won the battle. Mean Mina…what is your secret? I guess all our answers and (voodo) exercises got paid off. It feels good to say that…………..WE WERE RIGHT.

And to you…….You deserved to be happy gurl…Just one thing…If he hurts you..he’ll definitely loose his big “S”.  That’s for sure. 😉 cheers to you both. It’s a very good year to start with. Enough of the tears you wasted for someone who’s just a big blah blah blah.

—–Happy Birthday Leunammae

Cheers to one of my best bud in Dubai. Emmanuelle Quita….I love you bitch. OMG, you are officially old. But you know what? It was just like yesterday when you turned one year older….and here we go again. Can you believe it?

——Overlooking Dubai Mall

I was touring dell and ces the other day. First stop, Dubai Mall. Of course, joining me was my mom and my sis. It wasn’t my first time here, but a couple of things caught my attention which I never had the chance to look at when I was stationed there a couple of months back. I am not surprised though….I was coffined with work.



I just love to see the shark inside the aquarium. I miss the seaworld when I was still Aerial. See it yourself and be fascinated. Lovely to be in the waters.




The white christmas tree was really gigantic and it was towering…… I cannot even capture its entire height.

—–Where’s Gossip Girl?

Where? Where? Where is it? Damn…I was stuck with Episode 13. Nothing followed. What have I done to deserve this?

—–April fool’s day?

I got a comment the other day. It was regarding my post about April Ross Perez.


It was from someone who claims that he or she knows April very well. Here it is.

I know April Ross Perez very well.  She came to America and stayed in Daly City, California.  Actually, overstayed in other words TNT (Filipinos, you now what I mean).  She’s such a hyprocrite – claimingthe BMW she’s driving as her dad’s but wasn’t.  It actually belongs to someone I know of which her dad had lived off for so many years for FREE.  In other words, they are con artist. To gain residency here in the US she went with a guy – I don’t know if they are married now.  Anyway, whatever it is – legal documentation is all she wants to stay in the US  anyway, well same as her dad, Andrew Perez.
Anyway, to you April Ross Perez and dad, Andrew Perez, huwag kayong manloko ng kapwa ninyo.  Hinuthutan ninyo ang matanda just to get her house, 2 luxury cars and gain permanent residency here in the US.  Shame on you both.  God knows exactly what your dad has done.  Oh by the way, I heard that you may be pretty but you are pretty dumb!  I wonder how  you won the crown for Ms. Earth??????

True or again..another hoax? Honestly, I really don’t believe this post so much…..but it made me wonder. Can someone really tell the truth about it?

——Footsy’s wrong turn

I was visiting footsy’s blog the other day. Do I really have to explain what is in her blog? Man……it was……..

forget it….it is a waste of time to discuss such. I don’t even know why I started it.  I enjoyed seeing how some people can be so surprised about Dubai and its outskirts. Believe me, the term “surprised” was even so mild. Let us all laugh out loud…inside! Do it the silent way. The singing videos….and all those crap. Growwwwwsss!

I am living for Saudi next week. I’ll miss you guys. I’ll make sure I’ll leave my heart here.

I love you all. Have a prosperous, colorful, blessed new year to everyone.


b here…………. 🙂



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