Etisalat Blocking Torrent Traffic and You Tube

I was going through this post and it’s a p*ssin one.

I can confirm that utorrent has been blocked in UAE. The issue is related to the submarine cut,there are two ISP’s in Dubai, Du and Etisalat. Because the uplink bandwidth has decreased after the cut, Etisalat have decided to block bitttorrent and youtube. Du is running at full speed, and have resorted to backup links through FLAG to Japan and satellite uplinks to tier 1 ISPs. 

Youtube is blocked by dropping the DNS requests. It’s a very dodgy way to do things because they already have a blocklist filter which shows an Etisalat warning page, but they are just pretending the server is not available so nobody can blame them.

Torrents are blocked by preventing communications with the trackers. That is, if you have protocol encryption on and a list of peers, you can continue downloading normally. However, if you are downloading a new torrent, then you won’t be able to get a list of peers from the tracker, and DHT is blocked as well.

Also, there are a number of users not effected by this, as they are selectively blocking by regional areas. Dubai seems to be highly targeted, and also all business customers.

I don’t know if this is permanent, but obviously the only reason for it is greed. Etisalat could have paid for extra bandwidth through alternative routes like Du did. And now that the cables are almost fully restored, they could drop the ban, but I guess they are enjoying paying less for a lower uplink.

Sources: My buddies who work in Etisalat and Du

Solution: Can somebody figure out how they are blocking trackers only? I tried different tracker ports and sites, and there’s no way they have a list. Are tracker communications encrypted? I’ve got wireshark running in the background so let me know what to look for.

Alternative Solution: Screw Etisalat, and move house to an area services by Du!

Etisalat I a big monopolistic service provider i wish i could raise this issue somewhere for those whom torrents and youtube is working ur lucky at the moment but i assure u that etisalat will end up blocking google also but just giving errors like dns failures and all they are simply jobless no idea if they see a kiss seen in any videos posted on youtube they will actually go and block that site.. currently i am working on my project and trust me they are have blocked all the images that i want to access for advertisment.

Du is new and wants gain a class over etisalat who enjoys a monopoly over all telecommunications
Du has had some network problems but their internet connections are good and cheap

Do you know that in the UK one would get a 10mbit/sec connection for dhs. 70
But Etisalat gives a 256 kbit/sec connection for dhs.149
189 buks for a 512kpbs
1 mbps for 389 dhs
4 mbps for 489 dhs


Yeahhhh….this simply means that my blog will be affected too. Just too much dude!


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