12:44 am, Thank God it’s friday


Does it always have to start with a hello? Well I am afraid yes.

Good evening avid readers (now at the count of 7). As promised, I am trying to make my blog, a daily habit. What if wordpress just suddenly decides to close? WTF…..Now, I in fact started saving my entries, because everything might go in just a click of a f*ckin finger. It is always safe to keep a back up….for those who knew me well, this isn’t new at all.

Mean Mina’s new address ————>>> It may not be as prominent as the Downtown Burj but the place was really awesome. If there is a word that can top that….then that is it. It was calm, though it was dark in the area when we visited…..I just felt home. This lucky bitch has got a f*ckin spacious unit that an expat can dream of. God bless that haaawwss, bless you both more. I am sure everyone’s drooling about the place…not to mention yours truly.

Mean Mina’s Homily ————>>> Mean mina and the bee had some small chat when we were about to take off yesterday and it has become a wake-up call for me and for her as well. She was totally right when she started opening about valuing money and I just can’t believe that it would only just take a “jolly” mean mina to realize everything. It was all about the value of saving.  Again….25???? uhuh….not becoming younger indeed. Again, everything just recapped in my mind when I thought about how horrendously I spent my dirhams for the last 2 years…..it was just alarming….Tskkk…tskkkk….tskkk. Believe me….soon you will know that it was even beyond what the naked eye can see.

Gee ————>>> NO COMMENT. Just one word. Hmmmmppppfff.

Mayur’s b-day ————>>> Fun

Our first Department Meeting ————>>> Aced, the presentation. You bet…it was so gay.

Mark Gauna is alive ————>>> After ages, somebody just contacted me once again. I can’t believe he still exists.  Guys….if you remember…he is the guy behind the  Rimal mysteries. No further questions your honor. Somebody just misses something…..

Kurt Geiger, Wafi opens ————>>> Another one bites the dust. Lucky to become my 26th shop in 1 and 1/2 years.


All Bitches are invited

Lara’s Wedding ————>>> I am just so excited about this.

F3 ‘ s  Natal Day ————>>> I miss this guy so much…..Palautog!

Gossip Girl episode 16 ————>>> Just the highlights.

Lily and Rufus open their relationship to the Public.

Chuck has got an irritating uncle named Jack. He is some sort of a villain in GG now.

Blair didn’t make it to YALE.

Serena did, but backed out…Not quite sure if she wanted to give way for Blair…or she doesn’t want to go to school with Dan. Poor Humphrey.

Erick remains gay

Jenny remains blonde.

Vanessa and Nate are becoming intimate. Vanessa is using bleaching soap or powder for sure.

Dorotha’s appearances are becoming more often that Nate’s.

Chuck’s Uncle Jack almost got scored with Lily.

Lily Bass takes Bass Industries.

Chuck and Lily, now settled with their differences.

Lily Bass is way soooooooooooo beautiful and elegant. The way she sits……too manequinish

Laura Breckenridge appears as a new cast as Rachel. She is a hot teacher. It is officially war between HER and the heiress, Blair.

Poor Teacher being bitched out

Poor Teacher being bitched out

Oh Blair.  When will you learn?  You were so close.  Why’d you have to play with fire? Am I the only one scared to see what Blair has in store?  What could she do to our new teacher?  We’re guessing it’ll be evil x a million.  Watch your back, Rachel.  You’re not in Iowa anymore.

and lastly……….I remain beautiful while watching it.

That’s it………..

I am off now coz’ it is just a toothpick which handles my eyelid before it finally settles down and close.

I wish I can attend the bonding later at Mina’s place. I just miss my friends so much. I wanna be with them specially right now that I am near my end. 😦 Just don’t ask why. You’ll know soon!

Hugs and kisses here everyone.

Remember…..no one beats the first time. Keep readin’

B here…so long!


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