I am so proud of myself today.

Done a couple of things today which rarely happens on a Friday.

-had my car washed.

-had my new haircut

-paid my credit card dues


after a long time. I went for a Moroccan Bath. The soap are very excited to see me back.

In B’s vocabulary you know what Moroccan Bath means wwwaaayt? Everyone knows what my black agenda is.


Believe was this hot!

I was placed in the ledge…..had my scrub…..had my body touched all over. Remember that I am just a human being. Just when I wanted to give the masseur my motive (dark one), I asked him first if he was ok….since I have been hearing his breathe so loud while he was caressing my back. I felt that there was something wrong with him. He replied,

I am sorry Sir if I am a little bit lost right now. I have a big problem, I just lost my son. My wife delivered our son early this morning and it was a premature. This is our second time to try….and this is the second time that we failed also.

I am not quite sure if he was crying though… 

Ding dong! So I had to back out from all my plans. I know…….I maybe horny but I don’t have a heart of a stone.

I know that it was a failed agenda but what that guy was experiencing could have been something so painful for him.

Just about that honeysss. I say, better luck next time.

—-great deals for more.

I love you all.

B here.



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