Just wanted to check my e-mail but ended up bl”o”gging!

Mean Mina, just like me, is not to be seen in the limelight. The Mean Spot is extremely in silence right now. I saw her pulling papers from the centralized printer that we have in our department. Just like me, she is loaded with work.

I just wanted to make sure that I am not the only one who is missing it. Mean Mina’s life must have been so boring without Internet at home. Soon, I know, the long wait will be over.

Again, I was going through footsy’s column now and I still don’t know why I keep on doing that if the the only thing that it makes me is to be irritated so badly. Grrrrrrr….. Jay, a previous colleague who had applied in Landmark Group this morning will have a great chance of being part of the circle. Guess who is back in the bitch business. I am pretty sure that slut will not take her eyes off him. Poor J….but I will make sure that J would not be spilled with such malarious blood type like that hoar has.

Enough of her again. She is totally taking so much of space in my blog. Totally waste of sweat.

I am not quite in the mood to write right now because I am really feeling sick. Who would not be? But I thank God that it is starting to streamline everything in the office. Kudos to Mr. V…..He is keeping our legs straight enough to withstand all obstacles that we might face.

What’s up with Gee? Not to be seen. Damn……as expected. Boyfriend woes. Just kidding gee. I love you dear. I know you are having a “great” time solving the mathematical equation on why did the graphic sizes changed in Ibn Batutta Mall.  It is so Bebe Gandanghari. 😉 Blame Sandy and not me.

Elle —— who found me low in moral support. Lesson of the story: A right event happens on a right time on a right place. In my case….I wasn’t in both situation. Whatever Elle….you know how much I love you too. In your case, I guess I have proven that I do. I hope and guess so. I love you sweety.

I am extremely tired and while I was writing this….I cannot even think what is next in line.

America Votedddd!

.....america voteddd!

American Idol is finally back……now who is the next to be cooked to be the next David Cook? Rhymy…..and who sets to be the next Archuleta voice alike? I hope I can be one of them.

Gossip Girl is still off. Remember how fast I was able to get hold of Episode 15 and 16? It is exactly how slow I am waiting for the next.

Just reminded me…..I saw some mini- notebooks when I was walking down the newly opened Sharaf DG in Sheikh Zayed road. Cute. I almost bought one. Then I realized the situation that I am in right now (which will be revealed soon) then I said to myself…Forget it. At least now I know that I am disciplined when it comes to panic buying.

Ces snores like Randell. I thought it was just a rumor. But I am just hearing it now. Loud! Damn, she snores like a MAN. Haha. Big revelation. This is one hell talk of the town. 😉 The girl with tons of bloopers.

What else? nothing much to say. I am about to sign off as my eyes starts to close.

So long everyone. It has been a long week once again and I can’t wait for the next days to come.

It’s my sister’s wedding next month. I can’t wait for it. Too bad, I can’t be there. I knoooowww…Bad isn’t it?

this has been the “B” once again saying

Maayong Buntag kaninyong tanan.


“I’m very happy at where things are now,” … “I don’t let any of this stuff get to me. I rise like a phoenix, like a stealth warrior. I have stood the test of time”

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