Just so you’ll know……….

Gossip Girl episode this week climbs up the no. 1 spot to become the most boring show. That’s just for this week.

Well, after all there is a lot more thing to spill….


There have been a lot of skeevy, overly sexed up and creepy story lines on “Gossip Girl” (like the unresolved Blair sleeping with Uncle Jack plot), but in my mind, the little love triangle between Dan, Serena and their new (now fired and re-hired) teacher, Rachel, takes the cake.

First of all, whether Dan and Rachel were sleeping together at the start of the episode or not, who would consider hanging out with the new teacher (or teenage student) at the coffee shop every day normal? If I was Serena, I would have shut that down from day one. But she naively believes Dan that the student/teacher relationship is totally platonic as their relationship fizzles. Thankfully, Blair exists in the fictional Upper East Side drama. When she sees a spark between the totally inappropriate pair (Dan and Rachel, not Dan and Serena, although they’re ridiculous as well), she sends an alert to “Gossip Girl,” which lands her in a lot of trouble. To badmouth your fellow students is one thing — to badmouth a teacher is slander!

If you haven’t watched yet, do yourself a favor and fast forward through the hint of a kinky sex life between Nate and Vanessa (gross) and get back to the good stuff.

Rachel leaves her day planner at the park after meeting with Serena, who picks it up and sees that she’s going to the same old coffee shop that very afternoon for another rendevous with, who else? – Dan! And this is right after the slanderous accusations have spread, getting Blair expelled, thus crushing her chances of attending Yale. So, Serena stands outside and witnesses a hug, which she photographs and hands over to Blair, who in turn brings to the parent/teacher meeting and shows to everyone! Wow, Blair. Kudos. She always takes the conniving, nasty route. You know what to expect with her, and I like that.

So, Blair’s back in school (and presumably in Yale), Rachel is fired (and then re-hired) and Dan and Serena break-up again (fingers crossed she doesn’t go back to slimy Aaron Rose). All is right in the world. Except… Dan heads to Rachel’s apartment to apologize (give it one last shot) and she jumps him for some illegal lovin’. Did she forget that even though she’s no longer his teacher (at least she doesn’t think she is), he’s still underage?

I completely glossed over it, but what is going on with Chuck and the secret society? I’m totally lost. Did I miss an episode or something? Have no idea how he got to that “meeting” or where this storyline is headed. Is it possible that daddy Bass is still alive somewhere?



  1. gee in the story said,

    February 18, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    my gosh! i am hoping for a fresh blog everyday….but you seem too busy to update us…hihi

    miss you, queen B! muah muah

  2. Mean Mina said,

    February 22, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    heller… yoohoo B! Tell us about Val’s show last weekend naman!

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