Great minds comes great decisions! why oh why????



Bb. Pilipinas contestant Sandra Seifert, for some a favorite in the most prestigious Filipino beauty pageants, which will take place tomorrow night in Manila, was disqualified because of a sexy pictorial for FHM Philippines magazine. Take a look at the photo posted on the left, and draw your own conclusions…

Pageant-crazy Philippines, a country that tries so hard to look modern (and American) to the rest of the world (the Miss Earth pageant, for instance, is an attempted copy of Miss Universe back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s), considers such photos over-the-board sexy?? Come on, this is even disrespectful to modern society, women and common sense!

As our friend Jimmy Steele from Canada pointed out, ”these are less sexy than Fadil Berisha’s official Miss Universe photos”, and Miss Philippines is one of the beauties photographed by Berisha.

Are we talking about Miss Philippines or Miss Iran or Iraq?? In a radical Muslim country it would make sense, but not in a so-called open and democratic society.

When pageants find themselves under the urge of reinventing themselves and modernizing, we get this. Miss Seifert should not leave it as it is, because her disqualification is nothing less than baseless and absurd.

God bless the person responsible for such narrow-minded decision!



  1. augustman said,

    March 13, 2009 at 4:08 am

    If that’s the picture that disqualified the said contestant, shame on you BPCI! I see it as a very classy, decent picture of a beautiful woman. The disqualification is totally baseless. Get rid of the narrow-minded , obnoxious people who project their own twisted carnal desires in judging. I hope it never happens again…..

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