….da fame and glitz

It’s 12:06 in the morning. I am already lying in bed. I have to use my palm pilot just for all of you to hear my heart out today. It is going to be an excruciating and exhausting day again tomorrow as I have to be in Oasis Center. Sounds fun? Nope! As expected, this week till next week is going to be a very hectic WEEK for all of us as everyone will be occupied with Oasis Center completion.


Me and my new bought palm are just in the getting to know each other period and it is becoming a great help for me. It’s so handy that I can even blog while I am in the toilet.


—–the other day, when I was assigned for something in JBR, a friend asked Me to see his Penthouse which is in the Promenade Towers. I was ecstatic when I reached the Penthouse, It was really beautiful. The view, damn, there was no word to explain. For an 8 million dirham house, you deserved to have the best of course. Here is a glimpse of the balcony view from the 38th floor. Chill out.






Just got lucky to be on the top. He invited me to have a drink next week and I am dying to see the view during night time. It will blow me away for sure.


I just finished watching the second elimination of American Idol Season 8 and for me, it was an expected result as Alexis Grace was  booted off from the competition. She is just so boring and until now I really don’t understand how was she able to make it to the finals. In fairness to her, I liked her pink highlights. But she just doesn’t fit the heat of the boiling Idol den.


Adam Lambert, once again amazed me with his one of a kind voice that every guy would die to have. You should hear the sitars men! It was hot. He is just simply amazing and one of a kind. Randy Travis was right when he said that he cannot picture out Adam singing a country song with those black nail polish????? nah! but for me he nailed it….he just stands out more.


Meagan and Allison, my other all time favorites, again amazed me with their song renditions. I was really surprised why Allison was in the bottom three. She was a bomb. America…vote wisely.


For me, Lil’ rounds was still boring. It was a lucky escape for her not to be included in the bottom 3. For me, a black woman is always believed to have an incredible voice. Having one just like her in the competition is so predictable. I know a lot is agreeing to my opinion,,,,,though I still expect more of the violent ones.


Anoop of course, India’s pride. He just continue to amaze me with his soulful voice. Anoop Desai really rocks!


Carrie Underwood blew me away with her enormous voice. When she sang “I told you so” on a Duet with Randy Travis, there was really something that made me teary eyed. I really can’t explain it but it was mind boggling serious vocals out there.


You must see this vid and I am mad sure that you will agree with me.



So here is the cream of the crop….


IF YOU HAPPEN TO READ THIS….which of course till now you will not figure out due to your irritating insensitivity….I hate to say this but you are one hell of a comical skip character who is tactless, indulgent bitch who doesn’t even f*ckin care about whatever comes from her mouth. Nonsense and inevitably excruciating. I noted the same on my facebook and I hope it reaches her table…..I am sure it has. You will have your day dear…and you will see.


Gossip Girl is finally back after ages of absence from the limelight. One tree hill as well. I am just about to finish downloading. Thank torrent for the fun. I am excited as I won’t miss it for the world. I miss my alter-ego B, Serena…..Chuck of course.


Missin’ him. Well, I had the chance to chat with the guy I miss the most yesterday. For the last couple of days that I was literally slogging my butt out. Hearing from him was indeed a great consolation. I am just confused if I still love him or I was just missing the fact that he is not next to me anymore.


I am really sleepy and tired. It was just my hand…pretending to hold a stylus…….can i just finish this tomorrow?


temporary sign off,



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