10:15 p.m……..a short blog

It is raining outside. I was waiting for the hail to drop once again

Escaped from the chaotic place of Oasis Center….

Escaped from the irrittating voice as it Eccooooos skin deep.

I am tired. Not the usual.

I am planning to quit my job. The earlier the better….the earlier, the sooner I can regain my sanity back.

I miss office. It has been 2 weeks…2 long weeks.

Just tired. So tired.

I miss the gals….

I miss the yo’ break.

Finally Oasis comes to its end

Finally it’s over.

I want to see a movie. A scenery bout’ my life that was before….my life then.

I miss my life.

I meant my real life.

I need a break….though short….but not surreal.

Got to go….



1 Comment

  1. B said,

    March 29, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    Just trying the comment threading if it works.

    B here

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