Who’s sick?

Join the gang.

Due to change of weather, everybody is not feeling well. My entire family is not well.

Coughyyyy, feverish day.

Finally Oasis is over. That place is traumatic. It makes me more unwell and makes me feel like a psycho.

Finally its over.

Hell is over.

What’s next??? What is there?

Times like these…..no one is allowed to be sick.
I have to be upfront and kicking.
I wish I’ll be well soon.
A chat with Red this afternoon made me glitter…..
he misses me…i know that.
I do too.

I am planning to take a leave.

Hopefully hopefully.

Have a glimpse of what was happening as early as 7:30 am this morning.

the oasis dome

the oasis grand dome


hanging out 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the opening at 4:00….but that was cool. I hate crowd and everybody knows that.

Catch you guy again soon.

It’s Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill time.

Lots of love here.


——finally, i’ll be back in office tomorrow


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