Day One

Just when you thought that I am already dead…..then you got it all wrong folks. I am sooooo alive and in fact.. kicking ass.

It’s the first day of my short  leave. Finally, after centuries of waiting…..and waiting….and waiting. I managed to pull a little bit of rest in contrary to the busy and crazy world of Project Management. I have got bunch of plans to work over the week and I am now starting to put check marks on what are the precious things that I am supposed to be engaged with.

One of the things that I wanted to prioritize is bonding with my mom. It has been quite a while since the last time that we spent quality time together. I believe that this is just the perfect moment to do that. Though short……better than to have nothing at all. I need to grab whatever is there.

I am just so relieved now that Oasis project is finally over. I was able to move out from majority of my unfinished obligations and concentrate on the new ones. Not to soon. (On Break). You won’t believe that I can even check my e-mails now. As what I have said earlier..I was traumatized…but finally glad that it is over.

I miss my friends so much. Gee…Mean Mina and Elle….Having Del and Ces both residing with me was an advantage. At least I was able to hear a part of what’s going on in the office. I know that my absence is killing them….. ;-). No catfights so far. A lot of bitchin’ of course….that includes me. Sometimes, talking behind people’s back gives my life a little bit of spice. I know you know whom and what I am referring to.

I miss mean mina and her terrorizing look. I can’t even remember their faces now. Just kiddin’. Gee and her classic look and Elle’s tantrums of course. I will see you again soon babies….mommy is just taking a short break.

——DAY 1 TO START.  I was already awake as early as 7:00 am. I drove a couple of meters to pay some of my dues. After that, I accompanied my mom in Deira Fish Market to buy some….FISH…of course. I just hate the smell of raw fish. How good these sea creatures will turn out to be when they are being fried and cooked was exactly the opposite of how they smell. Awful yet tasteful. I am smelling something fishy about it. Literally.  

Off the record, I have done a couple of chores today. I was able to walk Valerie again….not to mention the undying sleeveless shirt that she admires so much. She is just so adorable when she wears that.

Last Thursday, April 2nd, was my sister’s birthday. She is 29 now. Just imagine how fast really time flies. We had a simple yet happy party in our place as my mom cooked my favorite “Lechong Kawali”. Though it sounds so unhealthy…..I had fun eating it. It was jaw breaking, freakin delicious. It was short and simple and I just loved it. We were able to have a small gathering which we rarely get to achieve.

It was also on Thursday when I was able to finish downloading the most hyped singing competition in America….my ever favorite American Idol. I was excited to see what Adam Lambert will sing today. He just never fails to impress and surprise me. I am sure that we have common thoughts with the judges.

And much as he did with “Tracks of My Tears” last week, Lambert proved his innate artistry by taking the disco chestnut and making it his own on Tuesday night, adding in a rock edge and inserting some of his signature falsetto howls, much to the delight of the judges and audience.

I was right then. He blew everybody away when he sang “Play that funky music” by wild cherry with his own style and arrangement of course. I was never impressed with anybody else but Adam. The rest are just damn set of Karaoke singers….as what Simon keeps on calling them. It was sad that Meagan have to end the battle so early. Maybe it was just meant to happen. But I was just wondering who on earth would even sing that kind of song at this stage of the competition. It was just hideous and uncompetitive. She is lovely, classy and no doubt has the charisma to pull out people from their seats. But her voice was just not so right for the competition just like what Michael Sarver is. I am sure she may land up with a different league and I won’t be surprised if she would become a star soon….remember Katharine Mcphee. Just figure out how far she was able to achieve since he joined the competition. She didn’t even win the competition but certainly, she is making marks in the entertainment business (though not so extravagant) but at least she was noticed. I have a strong feeling that Mr. Black nail polish will assure that he nails this competition to the extent that even Danny Gokey (his closest rival) will not be able to hinder his way to stardom.

Let’s go and Gossip now. These series starts to become boring (just a thought). Same old days has come back…I really don’t know and a bit confused on what kind of chemistry mixing are they trying to achieve here. It was not just working out. Imagine Nate and Blair again……it is so High School days. Well they are. 😉

Maybe I was just pulled by the hype that American Idol is giving me. Simply addicting. But so far…so good. One tree Hill on the other hand had a different twist as the writers started to play around with the story. It just have to play retain back the same plot on how we admired and loved One Tree Hill before.

Shocking revelations—-well not so shocking. I am aiming to complete and perform Beyonce’s Single ladies dance video step…..I just loved it. When and where I am going to perform that is a big secret.  I can’t really wait for it to complete. I love Beyonce…………………………… and the way she dances? Magnifico! I need to do some booty shakin…”LIVE” soon!

Tomorrow is going to a be a brand new day for all of us. I just hope that mine would be more different, more tasteful and more active. I expect surprises tomorrow.

I love you all. Catch you all again tomorrow.

This has been the loveliest B in town.

Hugs and kisses from here.




  1. Mean Mina said,

    April 8, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Magseselos nanaman si Elle nyan kc si Gee classic tapos kame terror and tantrums…!
    Terrorizing look?!… me?… so not true!

    • B said,

      April 8, 2009 at 7:27 pm

      Pumayag kana…..alangan naman sabihin ko na “world class lips” e alam na lahat ng mga tao yun…
      may chi ako sayo..
      halos araw araw ko naririnig mula kela ces at dell….before kami matulog na sobrang nagagandahan sila sa lips mo……..
      hehehe……..sabi ko…hay naku….wag nyo ipaalam….at baka mag red lipstick…
      aba alam mo ba ang sagot…
      ok lang….binabagayan naman kase yan eh…
      sounds familyyyyyyyiar?

  2. meanmina said,

    April 10, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    pero shiyet magrered lipstick talaga ko sa sunday! patay kaung lahat…
    1 week yan! hahahaha!
    anyway alam mo ba d narin namin masyadong nakikita 2 un… so trained by the B! magaling sa disappearing act …ahaha…

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