happy to be back and gossiping

I don’t know.
I am in the mood to write…
I am in the mood to keep my blog on.
But everytime, I do that….the connection seems to be making a big sabotage in order for me not to continue. Well, it feels like I am new in this business. I cannot even control what is going to happen.

Let’s not talk about how I was able to be back. I am lucky enough to even post my American Idol views and that was fair enough. I miss clicking the soft keyboard of my notebook while thinking of something to write next.

I might have to continue this in my PDA cause, If I have to continue in this manner…..big chances that I might loose what I am in fact writing right now.

And by the way……..that Adam’s last song…..WAS TRULY AMAZING…

B back…


B squared.



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