The Al Ain Adventure….The Sex-capade…the night

 Al Ain (Arabic: العين‎, transliteration: al-ʿayn, literally The Spring) is the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With a population of 614,180 (2008 estimate), Al Ain is dubbed the Garden City of the UAE. It is located in Abu Dhabi, directly adjacent to the border with Oman. The freeways connecting Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai form a geographic triangle in the center of the country, each city roughly 150 kilometers from the other two.

“I have to tell every one about what happened.”

….that is before somebody would tell me that “They Know What I Did Last Summer”

This is basically the first thing which came into my mind. Last Monday, though work related, I was able to visit the beautiful place of Al Ain which driven bound north of Dubai (was it north or east, I can’t barely remember which is which). Gee would know for sure.  It was Beautiful. There was no doubt about it. The place reminds me of the place I call home. It was like a province….full of trees. The roads were like a ghost town. It was calm. Not much of traffic (the enormous number of round abouts were a pain though). It was peaceful. I can hear the brids chirping. It was marvelous. It was heaven. Al Ain could be a best spot to have a break……that I would guarantee.



A lot of people may not like these kind of places but I do. It is far off way better than Dubai, I must say. I mean, that was just my opinion. I miss trees….I miss reality…..I was overwhelmed by all the fake things that I see in Dubai. Palms which grow in seconds, buildings which are beyond we normally call as “gigantic”. Seeing Al Ain was exactly its contrast.

…..that was just the beginning.

…..that was just a piece of the entire story.


It was 5:00 in the morning. I started driving from Dubai. I started to have a glimpse of the sun. Normally it rises at 6:00. That was an ace for me since I need maximum visibility to see the road clearly. I had a very bad experience dozing off while driving. So many times it has happened to me, so I made sure that I had enough sleep the night before. I was driving static. It was like sitting for 2 hours and not doing anything at all. The Dubai-Al Ain road sucks as there were a lot of construction works going on. Thank God I had my Ipod. It was a big relief.

I reached Al Ain at 8:00 am sharp. I have to meet my contractors and start the day with a bang. It was unfortunate that when I reached the shop, nobody was there. I guess I was just to0 excited.

That was not fun……My morning got f*cked up. I decided to have coffee. That way it can subside.

Let us not discuss about work anyways, it was never fun. As much as I wanted to talk about it…..better not.

So let us just fast forward everything till the moment that I met “old friends” and “new ones”.

Earlier, during my first visit. I was able to meet Rei-ann in Bawadi Mall. Joey, who was also an old companion (back when I was slogging my butt out in Sharjah) who works for Pablosky told me that he was residing in Al Ain now. The last time I knew, he was in Abu Dhabi. You really can’t make out how time flies. 

I met Rei-ann a little later. I was not expecting that he was in the mall. I met him….he looks so fresh. Anybody, who was in hell……and now who is out….what do you expect? Being in the same company where I was working was something worth nothing. No offense, but It is. I may sound untrue….ruthless and harsh…but it was just the reality part of it. Rei-ann who was no longer part of it was happy inside and out. The best person to understand why???….uh-uh—–that would be me.

I was happy to see him. At least there was something that I can do aside from putting my ass on fire and sit inside my car while I wait for eternity which will never come. The beautiful day made a complete reverse.

He offered me to stay at his place in case I don’t have any place to conclude the night. I immediately said yes. Who am I to say no? It is nice to spend a night with someone you haven’t seen for quite some time. So, immediately finished my work and rush to their villa where I was introduced to new pals. There’s the lovely bitch Marlon….Mona, Fe, Yumi, Joey and Alvin of course whose familiar faces make me feel like I am home. Joined by their beautiful land lady Rei-ann of course, the place reminds me of the last time I had my moroccan bath. Cool and Funky. How extra-ordinary?

I was privileged to be invited in their wonderful haven. I suddenly missed my own room back in Cebu where “hot and frenzy” was the name of the game. The hospitality that they have shown me was remarkable. It was exquisite. I just loved them all. They even cooked something for me as if I was a real princess. Marlon, Rei-Ann and Joey…..what can I say? I love these bitches. They f*ckin rock.

I had my suitcase of course prepared specially for the day. I was supposed to check in a hotel. I was planning to do Rotana again. But where I ended up was a million times better than what I have expected. It was priceless.

The night took over as we had a delicious dinner being served as we all ate in the floor. The food was lovely. No wonder why Joey (the cook for the night) was tagged as the “Most Beautiful Chef in Al Ain”. I was just delighted to taste how awesome the food turned out.

I had a lengthy conversation with the fags as they explained to me all about the Al Ain life. It was not even close to how I was living my life in Dubai. It was simple yet one of a kind. They are all living a simple life….which I envy the most. It made me realize that sometimes you don’t need a fancy car, nor a fancy career to be on the top. It is just how you will live your life and make the most out of it.


I was able to check couple of my mails of course through the help of the sexy Marlon who allowed me to make use of his white and classy notebook. Thanks a lot bitch. What more can I ask for? Everything is just right inside the a full packaged bag.



Rei-ann then told me about the plans for the night and I was surprised to know about it. It was a delightful plan that even a normal human being like me can’t refuse. So I just nodded my head and said YES. I got excited about it. So what’s with the surprise and all the hype? You will know soon as we get closer to it.

Voila, Rei-ann prepared a delicacy for us. A sure delightful one. Boys….boys….and boys. What else? To my excitement, I cannot even wait and wanted to get the clock ticking fiercly.

12:00 in the morning, it was the most awaited “Call Time”. We all have to start walking. A kilometer…..another kilometer….and another…and another one. I suddenly realized that a group of cars started to surround us. Encircling our way like anything. Some were even flashing laser lights on us. It was green. I was shocked. When was the last time this has happened? If this is a reality show….then I’m definitely out to WIN with flying colors.

After 5 kilometers of walking. (that was painful of course), we stopped at one grocery store and what did we buy???? 5 Buko Juices! It’s weird (slightly stupid) but damn, this can be the best way to keep our energy back in place. I was searching for Rei-ann as I cannot remember were he went the moment we stepped inside the grocery. Woooosssh….There he is, talking to some local guy. He must be from the city only as I remember his description of the people who resides in the area. You can really see the difference from the same back in Dubai. He started talking to the same guys in fluent Arabic. After that conversation, we moved out from the grocery. The same scenario happened when we walked back. Another 5 kilometers…..then we ran out of batteries. The Buko Juice doesn’t seem kick some ass. It was a “no effect”.

I told myself. I thought I will be lucky tonight. The host was great and that would complete everything if it was served with a dessert. I am just hoping that my stars were aligned that night. I was really crossing my fingers until I just forgot about it and decided to clean up and put my self down to sleep.

I slept in Marlon’s room. I was about to call the night off when Rei-ann went inside the room and we started chatting. Watched a couple of videos (it was porn). I started to feel f*ckin like a rabbit. 😉 Poor B….it was like somebody gave me an ice cream and took it back one second after. Rei-ann started calling a couple of people. He was uttering words in Arabic. I don’t know. I just felt like I still have another shot on these. In this kind of game….you should never loose hope that easily. If there is a will, there is a way….as the saying goes.

I was right……………..Rei-ann invited his friends. They were three of them and damn….they were good lookin’. I became as tiny as a cell. It is sex that I wanted and it was Sex that I got. I’m sorry, but I am just a human being 😉 with some sort of needs.  As they always say, every penguin finds another penguin. The night ended up with a smile. If you know what I mean. I am sure everybody was dying to hear the detailed part of it but as much as I do…..I wanted to keep in to myself and be private about it.

I thought that was it as I already termed it as “an end to remember”. I was wrong.

Round 2………………….OMG.

Sometimes you really can have everything that you hoped for. And the consolation was, you can even get it twice. *winks*

The night was really a piece of something and I thank Rei-ann, Joey, Marlon and the rest of the guys for such remarkable night and the magnanimous hospitality that they bestowed upon me. It was Immaculate. It was indeed a night to remember.

What happened next?……B finally closed her eyes and slept with a smile. A Big One. 

It was a memorable experience. As simple as that. I believe I ran out of words to describe it. Times like where I am so hooked up with my schedule…..I certainly required a “Pause” from it. Keeping it in “Play” mode once in a while won’t kill me I guess. I was like a dove. Freed from a steel cage.

: To the bitches who happened to read this (rei-ann, MarLON and JoEy….I just want you to know that from the bottom of my a**hole. I thank you. You bet that is DEEP.

kisses here,



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  1. Puck said,

    April 29, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Hi – I enjoyed your story – and I think its fascinating – you have discovered a side of Al Ayn I am still looking for – I have been here a few months, but am finding it a bit quiet… If you have any advice for places to go to meet friends like yours – or where on earth in Bawadi Mall they hang out (or when)! 🙂 I’d love to learn more… my e-mail is

    by the way, I am a str8t acting older European male who keeps one eye open for a femme, sensual boy/s that I can spend time with…


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