The Big 4

We are almost in the finish line. Seems everyone’s jaw went down due to yesterday night’s result…..Adam in the bottom 3? Is this some kind of a joke? Well it’s a silly one. And here is a recap of last show’s boot episode. From a gigantic 5, it is now narrowed down to 4. This is becoming so exciting. Damn…I cannnnnn’t wait. top-four

One more Idol will bid us farewell tonight, but only after we see performances from Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks, Natalie Cole and Rat-Pack mentor Jamie Foxx.

Hey Idol fans! Hope you enjoyed last night’s show as much as I did! Just a heads up, I’ll be on vacation next week, but the dynamic duo of Mickey O’Connor and Adam Bryant will be filling in for me. I had to bribe them with the promise of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts from my Hawaiian getaway, but they finally agreed to do it (high maintenance!).

After a cool black and white, slow-mo Ford music video, the Top 5 launch into “I’ve Got Rhythm,” and they’re not lip-synching! It’s fast and crazy but enjoyable nonetheless.

The behind-the-scenes video of the week features the five hopefuls baking birthday cakes. I use the term baking very loosely. It’s basically a massive cake and frosting fight, and the kitchen is completely destroyed when they’re done. It’s cute and a lot of fun, but part of me can only think about the poor folks who have to clean up that place. You know it’s not the Idols. Ryan asks the group who was responsible for starting the mess, and Allison blames Danny right away. Seacrest hands him an envelope containing a bill for $6,000 for the maid service that had to clean up the mess. Danny rightly says, “You don’t think American Idol can pay for this, with all the money they make?” Ha!

Results — Part One
Ryan asks Matt and Kris to stand on one side of the stage, and Allison and Danny to stand on the other. Ryan then asks Adam which group he thinks he belongs in, and the poor guy winces. Wouldn’t you? I hate when they pull this crap; it’s so awkward. Adam says that based on last night, he’ll stand with Allison and Danny. But no sooner does he make the trip, Seacrest pulls him over to Matt and Kris and tells him he’s in the bottom three. I’m honestly shocked! I’m also shocked that Allison and Danny are safe automatically, and judging by her jaw dragging on the floor, so is Allison. But, can we talk about Adam Lambert? I thought that dude was untouchable, and I’m glad to see that he’s got competition. Woo to the hoo! Can I also say a giant “ha!” to Simon? America didn’t listen to him about Allison.

Natalie Cole Performs
Natalie sings “Something’s Gotta Give” and looks fantastic! Yes, she’s very thin, but I gather her weight’s due to her struggle with Hepatitis C. Clearly, it’s not stopping her from performing (or touring this summer), so bravo! Her performance is jazzy, although the end is a little sharp. But the audience and the judges all give her a standing ovation… because she’s Natalie Cole.

Taylor Hicks Performs
Taylor Hicks (he’s skinny, too!) is back in all his Soul Patrol glory to perform his single “Seven Mile Breakdown.” It sounds exactly like every other Taylor Hicks song, which is not a bad thing. It’s just his funky, bluesy, down-home kind of style. Has anyone been following Taylor’s career? Seen his shows? I’m so curious. If you have, dish it up in the comments section below.

Results — Part Two
I feel like it’s my birthday, or Christmas has come early: Kris is sent back to safety! Kris and Allison are safe! Me and my unborn baby girl are doing a happy dance right now. She seems to kick a lot during this show… could it be her love of music? Or her disdain for Simon? Only time will tell.

Jamie Foxx Performs
While I’ll give him props for his being a decent mentor, I cannot stand his hit, “Blame It.” I might have accidentally fast-forwarded through it. Hee hee. After the song, Jamie tells Ryan that these are some of the most talented artists he’s seen in the last ten years and hopes the audience continues to support them after they’re off the show. Aw. Then he ruins it by plugging his movie.

Results — Part Three
Of course, Adam is safe. Come on, you didn’t think he was going home, did you? So, we say goodbye to Matt Giraud. Though he had some shaky weeks, I think that if he sticks with his jazzy, R&B-Justin Timberlake thing, he could go far. Good luck, Matt! (P.S. I love that he has tears in his eyes).

What did you think of the bottom three tonight? Will you miss Matt? Plus: Are you excited for next week’s Rock n’ Roll show featuring Slash? (Hells to the yeah!)

For the latest on American Idol, tune into TV Guide Network’s Idol Tonight every Wednesday at 8 pm/ET and Idol Wrap every Friday at 8 pm/ET with co-hosts Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini. Plus get more on your favorite Idols every Friday with American Idol Rewind at 7 pm/ET.

—————-the big question now is…WHO WILL BE NEXT?


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