It Was Ed’s Birthday!

Yesterday, I was so privileged to attend one of the most glamorous event of the year. It’s Ed’s 38th birthday…(pardon me, it was his 30th). I totally forgot that this fag has an age to count. He is 30 now. B, has to be there of course. Not much words to explain and I rather tell you how fun the event was by clicking these Icons down. Have fun and let the snaps speak for itself.

HEAD TURNER OF THE NIGHT: Who else? It’s Mich. After an award winning “Hello Kitty” inspired Iphone cover who definitely caught B’s eyes….she is now back with a vengeance in her Eiffel Tower inspired bag. I don’t even know if I should call that “Eiffel Tower inspired” because it was actually the Eiffel tower itself. 😉 Love this gurl and I can’t wait for what is next….Makes me wanna find a Burj Dubai Bag or a Magellan’s Cross bag. What do yah think? Style on its edge.

…..and those were the elites!

Always remember that you’re nobody until you are talked about.



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